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5 Powerful
Auto Suggestion Techniques To
Take Control Of Your life

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably been using auto suggestion techniques your whole life.  If you have ever told yourself to wake up at a certain time, “relax,”  “sleep,”  “concentrate,” “smile,” “breathe,” or whatever -- you have used auto suggestion.

In truth, auto suggestion is the simplest and arguably, the most powerful of mind programming tools. It is easy, always accessible, can be done anywhere any time (even while driving) and requires no special skill or training.

We do it naturally.

The problem is that most people use autosuggestion UNCONSCIOUSLY– and often in a way that holds them back from accomplishing what they want.  For example, people talk about being “sick and tired” of this or that. Then, they wonder why they feel low and lethargic. Or they bitch that their boss is a pain in the rear, and then they begin to have problems with their lower back.

When are we going to wake up as a society and realize how powerful we are? That our thoughts are creative and the words we give them result in actions that can affect our lives – and the rest of the world… When are we going to stop blaming others for our circumstances and start using the power of our minds to manifest the outcomes we want?

How about right now?

Auto suggestion techniques can be used to improve performance at work, in sport, in meditation, dance, even in bed. It can boost your confidence, help you relax, improve concentration, energy and help you sleep. Used negatively, or in ignorance, it can do the opposite as well. And it does.

The Easiest Way to Learn Advanced Auto-Suggestion Techniques

Advanced autosuggestion or self hypnosis techniques are typically easier done with eyes closed to block out visual distraction. And because the easiest way to learn is by doing,  I recommend learning techniques via a guided audio -- rather than simply reading about them.

Obviously I am biased, but I seriously recommend you look at my  "How to Self Hypnosis" program if you are really serious about learning this life-changing ability.

The following auto suggestion techniques are intended to help you become more aware of your own subconscious mind programming, strengthen your abilities and help you take more control over your life.

5 Auto suggestion techniques for Mind Programming

1.    The 30 Day Mental Diet

Start paying attention to your self-talk. Whenever you catch yourself in negative self –talk, especially internal dialogue that expresses fear, doubt or self-loathing, DELETE or ERASE it. Then replace it with more encouraging positive words.

For example, you do something wrong and you catch yourself saying “Why am I so stupid?” Immediately say “DELETE!” and then say something positive and encouraging that is appropriate to the situation, such as “I am getting better and better. ”  You can also give yourself a direct suggestion that will assist you such as “slow down,” focus,” or “relax.”

When I taught the Silva Method, we would teach students to use the phrase “Cancel Cancel,” to cancel out negative thoughts and words.  It doesn’t matter which words you use to cancel out negative programming as long as you do it!

Learn how to think positively here and turn negative words or phrases into positive ones.


"Affirmation" means positive, present tense language stated in the first person. . Apply the same rules to auto suggestion techniques as you would for affirmations.

3. Use Repetition

If you go on the mental diet as recommended above, you will probably be surprised at the number of times you say negative and derogatory things to yourself. 

Counter the negative programming with lots of repetition.  It can be done silently, in the privacy of your mind, or out loud if you prefer, and the situation is appropriate. Use boring repetitive tasks as an opportunity for programming yourself with auto suggestion. A lot of people like to use affirmations in the shower, while driving, at the bus stop, on a bus, plane or train.

 4.    Use Visualization.

Visualization is the language of the subconscious mind. When you visualize yourself doing something the RIGHT way, while using auto suggestion, especially in an Alpha state, it makes a strong impression on the subconscious mind. The combination makes for a very powerful mind programming strategy.

5.    Use the Alpha level.

If you know self hypnosis or meditation techniques that put you in a deep comfortable state, use them.If not simply close your eyes and follow your breath going in and out for a few minutes while counting backward from 20 to one. Then use the auto suggestion techniques mentioned above. Obviously you should not use the alpha or visualization techniques while driving etc. because it requires you to close your eyes or de-focus your vision.

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