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Habit Management: How to Break Bad Habits for Good

Habit management can determine your success or failure in any area of your life.  “Habit maketh the man,”  because what you do consistently is what ultimately yields results – positively or negatively.

A habit is simply a pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition. Often our habits are so automatic that we aren’t even aware that we are doing them. We need good habits to operate efficiently and maintain a sense of order in our lives.  On the other hand, bad habits can ruin your career, your confidence,  your relationships and your health.

By learning habit management mind power techniques, you can quickly break bad habits and replace them with new automatic behaviors that better serve you.

Habit management techniques work with habits of mind such as negativity, worry, procrastination and self-criticism. You can also use habit management techniques to change eating habits, chronic nail biting, automate a better sleeping habit, quit smoking, and even create a healthy response to stressful situations in your life.

Habit Management and the Stress Factor

Regardless of whether you are looking for a nail biting cure, want to stop smoking by hypnosis, change your sleeping habits or stop procrastination,  the chances of success multiply when you learn ways to manage stress more effectively.

In a recent article in the journal of science, Portuguese researchers reported that when your body is under stress, you are MORE likely to repeat old behaviors, even behaviors that are BAD for you.

In other words, precisely when you NEED to take bold NEW actions (and PROACTIVELY make some NEW decisions), your body pulls you into the old habits that got you there in the first place. 

This research MAY help explain why the pressure to get something done may actually TRIGGER procrastination.

The technical term for it is perseveration, or “uncontrollable repetition,” and it’s astonishing how simple it is to make it happen.   Just add stress. A lot of it.  The more the better.

When it comes to this kind of research, scientists can’t use humans -- so they unfortunately use mice.   Over a period of a few weeks they exposed laboratory mice to terrible stress and then examined their brains.

What they discovered was that the brain regions associated with executive decision-making and goal-directed behaviors shriveled, while those areas associated with habit formation, bloomed.

These corresponding brain-changes showed in their behaviors quite clearly. The mice fell back on familiar routines and habitual responses, even when there was no value to doing so. (Such as pressing food levers for food pellets when they weren’t hungry.)

brain under stress

Robert Sapolsky, a neurobiologist who studies stress at Stanford University School of Medicine, commented on the research: “This is a great model for understanding why we end up in a rut, and then dig ourselves deeper and deeper into that rut.”

This relationship between stress and habit is one of the reasons I make such a big deal of relaxation techniques and managing stress in all my programs -- including hypnosis for weight loss.

IS Self Hypnosis The Secret Sauce 
for Habit change?

For most of my clients the secret sauce that helps sustain habit change is learning self hypnosis because it has two essential ingredients: deep relaxation and good behavior reinforcement

YES, with the habit change technique I teach you CAN change your eating habits or stop chronic nail biting, usually in just one session. BUT if you don’t learn better ways to cope with stress, the chances are that when the going gets tough, you will slip back into old patterns.

I, like you, want you to sustain the new good health habits you acquire.

Why slip back into old ways when the solution is simple, easy and GOOD for your health?

For a sustainable habit management outcome, use this remarkable habit change NLP formula AND learn better ways to cope with stress.

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