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Self Hypnosis Scripts For Accomplishing Personal Goals

Students often ask me whether it is better to write  their own self hypnosis scripts, or, if they should rather use the ones provided on this, or other reputable websites. My answer is that it really depends on what you are using the self hypnosis scripts for.

If you are a beginner, learning induction, deepening and other basics, I recommend using what is time-tested, easy , available and proven to work. In that case follow the self hypnosis instructions provided by experienced teachers. But when it comes to specific goals that you want to accomplish or personal problems you want to solve.  I highly recommend writing a well-thought out,  personalized self hypnosis script that you can record and use repetitively to reach your specific goal quicker and easier.

5 Keys to writing self hypnosis scripts
that get big results

1. Break Large goals down into
smaller achievable Goals

Remember that belief plays a critical role in your ability to harness the power of mind -- which is really what self hypnosis is about. Having worked with some of the highest achievers in a variety of industries, I can tell you that success is comes easier when you break your big  goals into smaller ones that you can imagine yourself achieving, rather than visualizing  overly ambitious outcomes that "don't feel true," regardless of how many times you replay or repeat them to yourself.

Let’s say for example, you are working on a difficult financial situation: You are currently out of work and in a lot of debt. It would not be very realistic to begin by programming yourself to be a multimillionaire on your own island in the Caribbean…it is not that you could never achieve that, but given your starting point, concentrating on that vision may seem to your subconscious more like a fantasy than a real goal.  

It is typically best to start with smaller achievable goals you can more easily believe, achievements that put you on track to your larger more ambitious outcomes.  Success breeds success.

So perhaps a more appropriate goal in this case might be to get a good-paying job that you also enjoy. After you have accomplished that  goal, you can set another benchmark, perhaps a savings goal or getting out of debt.

In this example, your STARTING self hypnosis scripts may include affirmations like "I am attracting work opportunities into my life" and "“I am enjoying my new job that pays well and has opportunity for advancement.” Once you reach that first goal, you would write a new self hypnosis script for the next benchmark in your journey to financial freedom, remembering to add words of acknowledgement and gratitude for the progress you have made.

2. include cues for visualization
in your self hypnosis scripts

If you are writing a self hypnosis script for yourself, include cues for visualization such as "I see myself in brightly lit office with big windows. I am sitting at my desk with a smile on my face, feeling deeply grateful for this great job that I enjoy. There is an envelope in front of me with my name on it. It is my paycheck. I open it and take a look...."

This type of scripting naturally causes you to visualize the outcome you are "programming" for.

3. use Affirmative auto-suggestion

When using auto-suggestion in hypnosis it is important to be positive, specific, realistic and repetitive. You should also use present tense verbs such as I am or I feel. If you are unfamiliar with writing affirmations and how to write them, review my other articles on writing affirmations. I also recommend reviewing the self hypnosis code word technique.

4. Include self hypnosis instructions for engaging emotion into your programming

Feelings can infuse your goals with energy and motivation. You can energize your self hypnosis scripts by telling yourself to step into the desired outcome , whatever it is, and feel what it feels like to accomplish this goal. If you tend to have an "away from" motivation strategy (see more on motivation here) you might first say something like:

"Remember how it felt [note PAST tense] without a job, drowning in debt (pause.)Now compare that to how it feels now {present tense] in this great job, you enjoy. (pause.) Feel the gratitude well up inside of you. ... feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you did this and you have only just begun. What else are you capable of?"

5. Back up your mind programming
with action

Remember if you program yourself to be a certain way or do a certain thing, you need to follow through with action and perseverance.
Otherwise it is just like making a promise to yourself that you never intend to keep.

In addition to using these self hypnosis techniques at deeper, quieter levels of mind, you can also use them as a powerful mind tool to reinforce your programming wide awake. 

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