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The Silva Method Of Mind Development and Stress Control

The Silva Method, developed by Jose Silva in the late forties, is a catalyst of the mind-body-spirit movement.  Many modern-day "new thought" gurus including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Shakti Gawain and many others, give credit to the Silva Method for part of their personal growth and success.

Because I taught the Silva Method for almost twenty years and facilitated the instructor training for four years, students are often curious to know if I would still recommend the program -- now that I am no longer involved with the organization. The answer is a resounding YES!

The original course was appropriately called Silva Mind Control but they changed the name because some people misinterpreted it as a course to manipulate other people -- when really it is about SELF mind control -- quieting the mind and using mind control techniques to solve your own problems. The first level courses are now called Silva Life Systems and Silva Intuition Training.

Here are some home-made videos made by some of my Silva Method students about the program:

Silva Method Student's Share their Experiences after a 5-Day Retreat  

Unfortunately there is a bit of background noise ... turn up your volume.

Video taken at a 2-Day Silva Life Systems Seminar in South Florida 

Silva Life Systems (SLS) Curriculum

PART 1 - Health Management & Stress Control

  • Train your mind to access the Alpha level easily. By the end of the Silva Method program you will be able to access very deep levels of mind in seconds. 
  • Insomnia remedy: How to use your mind to get you to drift off to sleep.

  • How to program your brain to wake up without an alarm clock at whatever time you desire. This is a healthier alternative to a loud, heart-stopping alarm clock.

  • How to erase a headache in seconds and a migraine in minutes.

  • How to accelerate healing and control pain.

  • How to re-energize and rejuvenate yourself in 60 seconds or less

PART 2 - Mind Training

  • A little trick to free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings.

  • A simple method to measurably increase your focus and concentration.

  • Gain self awareness by remembering dreams and using them for problem solving.

  • How to run your brain's memory system so that you will never have to write a grocery list (or any other reminder list) ever again.

  • Learn ANYTHING faster: how to reduce your study time by improving retention and recall of anything you read or hear.

  • Erase test-taking anxiety with a simple process that makes recall during exams easier.

PART 3 - Success Conditioning

  • Secrets of Powerful language: What to say, and what you must NEVER say, so that your brain AUTOMATICALLY solves problems and generates creative ideas.
  • Improve communication and performance skills through mental conditioning.
  • Discover the ultimate secret to "creative visualization." Mind Visualization is a VERY powerful tool, but most people leave out this one crucial step to making it work.
  • Free yourself of unwanted habits. (Think you've got a tough habit, like overeating or smoking? This process has been proven effective for heroin addiction!)
  • Deepen the connection and pleasure of ALL your relationships. Build better rapport with others and tap into their unspoken concerns.
  • Program your subconscious mind for success.
  • An easy formula for staying focused, positive and motivated.

PART 4 - Problem Solving

  • How to access your intuition in a moment to help you make the best decision.

  • How to program your brain to find a workable solution to any problem using an ordinary glass of water.

Mind Power Techniques Taught offered in the Silva Life Systems on Demand Web Course:

  • Sleep Control. A technique  to fall and stay asleep throughout the night (without the use of drugs)

  • Clock Technique, a mind power technique to master your use of time; wake up without an alarm and/or prevent jag lag

  • To Awake Control - to energize yourself and/or stay awake longer without drowsiness

  • Dream Control, subconscious mind power technique for problem solving

  • Headache Control to stop headaches and stress related discomfort

  • Mental Screen to improve visualization, creativity and problem solving

  • Memory Pegs for improving memory, mind visualization and developing creativity

  • Three Fingers Technique, a trigger or anchor that you can use with eyes open to access memory and resourceful states any time, anywhere

  • Mirror of the Mind for focusing and manifesting goals. You can use this technique for reprogramming the subconscious mind to change limiting beliefs.

  • Weight and Habit Control

  • Hand Levitation for accessing deeper levels of mind. Used for mind body healing and reprogramming subconscious

  • Glove Anesthesia for pain management

  • Glass of Water problem solving technique

  • Sensory projection through multidimensional "travel"

  • Mental Laboratory and "counselors" for advanced problem solving

  • Accessing higher levels of intelligence

For information on Silva Life Systems Classes, go to their company's website.

The techniques need to be processed and practiced, so having time between seminars was perfect! Mandy offered me a money back guarantee also, so I knew that I had nothing to lose. Questions came up when practicing the Silva Method techniques which were addressed in between weekly sessions allowing for improved learning.

With an offer of a money back guarantee, what's holding you back from participating in this exquisite training experience?"

-Chris Merli, CIH, CSP, CHMM, Fenton, MO

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