The Easiest way to become the best version of Thin, Fit Fabulous you!

(and HOW you can START TODAY!)

Why Struggle with Will power, habit Control and Motivation?

Learn how to harness the power of your mind to:

  • Get and stay motivated
  • Change habits more easily
  • Stop emotional eating
  • Stick to your diet
  • WANT to exercise
  • Discover the root cause(s) of weight problems and help you solve them
  • Change food preferences and stop cravings for junk food
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Feel more energetic and more vibrant

-- From the Desk of Mandy Bass --

Dear Weight Loss Friend,

Hi, I'm Mandy Bass, Founder of, and the creator of Thin Fit Fabulous You, Weight Loss System.

As a Trainer, Coach, Author and Speaker, I have shared the stage with personal growth gurus, Wayne Dyer, Laura Silva, Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra, and my articles have appeared in national publications.

Now, I don't mean to brag (actually, that's a lie: I love to brag), but my  programs have helped thousands of people from all walks of life achieve fabulous results by learning how to HARNESS THE POWER OF THEIR OWN MINDS  to HELP  -- instead of sabotaging progress.

I know this weight loss program can help you too (and in fact, guarantee it with an unconditional money-back guarantee.)

How Can I DO That?

I can do that because my students get  real results  -- not because I am great-- but because THEY are.

Actualizing YOUR GREATNESS happens when your mind power is aligned with your goals, helping you overcome problems and achieve what you want.

After twenty years of teaching people how to use their minds with tools such as NLP, the Silva Method, Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis, the real results of my students speak for themselves.

career and relationships are often casualties in the weight wars

I realized early in my career of helping business professionals become more successful in all areas of their lives, that their weight loss struggles often interfered with their promotions, job satisfaction, and personal relationship success.

Having had my own struggles with weight and eating disorders when I was  in my teens and early twenties, I knew first-hand, the silent, secret suffering some of my dearest clients were experiencing.

I found that there were dozens of excellent diet programs with sound eating advice and food plans. But what was consistently missing was a methodology that addressed all the ways your own mind can sabotage your diet and exercise plans.

It doesn't need to be that way!

There are solutions that make it easier to counter negative thoughts, resist temptation, stop emotional eating and stay motivated -- but you are NOT BORN KNOWING THEM. They need to be learned.

As a certified hypnotist, mind training expert, trainer and coach, I have used these dynamic techniques for years to bring about real change for my clients AND myself.

Now these techniques are available to you through this program.

After twenty years of bringing these techniques to real students who have had real success, I KNOW these techniques will work for you.

Give this Thin Fit Fabulous You a good try, apply the techniques right into your daily life. If after 8 weeks you feel these online weight loss programs, and the instruction and bonus materials did not help you lose weight, then simply send me an email and you will receive a full refund.

Of course, I'm available to answer any questions you may have.

To Your Success!

Mandy Bass,

Professional Hypnotherapist and Professional Success Coach

P.S.   YOU CAN Lose Weight! And Keep It Off!  With this program You Will!

"I lost 104 lbs and 69.75 inches in 9 months after taking Mandy's course."

Jeyla Kimball, Fort Lauderdale, FL

What Makes This Program Different?

The reason most people can't keep weight off permanently is because only 10% of what you do is conscious.

MOST of your life is governed by unconscious impulses, associations, beliefs, feelings, preferences and "programming" that are not addressed with ordinary diet,  exercise, and weight loss programs.

That is why you CAN often lose weight but CAN'T sustain it. 

In this program, we address what 90% of the other diets, exercise, and  weight loss programs don't cover. 

How to use the power of your mind to identify and transform ALL THE HABITS, cravings and emotional impulses that keep you overweight and stop you from looking and feeling your best.

How Will you "learn" To Lose Weight?

In under an hour a day - or one full day - depending on how you like to learn,  you will learn everything you need to know and experience to make weight loss permanent. Then you can use the guided exercises and work books as needed.

You'll be using the most effective method of creating real change, including guided self hypnosis, Kinesiology, Hypnosis and NLP.

Please understand, this is NOT a crash diet, or a fad diet.

I won't tell you to eat cabbage soup or grapefruit before dinner again, unless you want to. 

  • I WILL teach you strategies of eating that will make reducing weight a pleasure without depriving yourself.

  • But more than anything I am going to guide you to that Command Center in your mind where REAL change happens.

  • We'll explore HOW your mind maintains your weight, and how to make changes that last.

Thin Fit Fabulous You guides you through easy-to-follow steps which will help you succeed in losing weight, once and for all!

The audio is in MP3 format and can be instantly downloaded to your PC or Mac (or iPod, or MP3 player), whenever or wherever you wish!

It's like having unlimited time with your own personal weight loss coach!

Important Note:

This is an IMMEDIATE-ACCESS-ON-DEMAND program. You do not have to wait for delivery by snail mail! To save you even more money and time, you can download it and start listening instantly.

Thin, Fit Fabulous You,
Platinum "Mind-To-Succeed"
Weight Loss System:

What Will You Get?

The Cliff's Notes Version of what You Get:

  1. Eight modules of digital, downloadable audio with the easiest, smartest strategies for taking those excess pounds off and keeping them off for good. You will learn how to master the seven critical factors for your success, remove unconscious blocks, and master tools to easily and automatically change habits and behaviors.  Working with a hypnotherapist, your investment would typically be in excess of $1,500 for these sessions. 
  2. E-Book with all the fabulous exercises and techniques (value $29)
  3. A Success Journal (value $14)
  4. A Cheat Sheet that summarizes the exercises and reminds you what to do when (Value $9)
  5.  Self Hypnosis Weight-loss On-Demand 4 module course Access to bunch of bonuses (details below) that make it easier to find and apply the tools when needed.  (Value $97)

All for LESS than the price of ONE hypnotherapy session!

The DETAIL of what you get:

A 50-page comprehensive workbook for quick and easy review all the techniques, theories and methodologies that take the struggle out of weight loss.

These online weight loss programs are filled with practical tips for turning off emotional eating, speeding up your metabolism, and a secret eating strategy that will end dieting.

Furthermore, these online weight loss programs will teach you fun, interesting ways to enjoy exercise and physical activity more. You will boost your confidence, feel fabulous and become the best version of yourself, very quickly.

Success breeds success so it is important to track your progress and acknowledge your accomplishments. That is why we include a Success Journal.

You will have a special place to record your successes to reinforce your learning and give you a boost when you need it.

Each one designed to prevent your diet from failing!

The Eight Modules:

Audios that will gently guide you to deeply relaxing states and soothing levels of mind, where you will eliminate stress, direct the command center of your mind and heal uncomfortable past associations with weight issues.

Module #1.
Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?

  • How one dramatic event changed Mandy's life and led her to uncover the SECRET for LIFELONG fitness and weight management SUCCESS

  • The vital role your unconscious mind plays in your weight, health and fitness and what to do about it.

  • Seven weight loss factors you have probably never considered and HOW to control them.

  • Motivation: A critical key to success. Find yours.

  • Get Motivated! Closed eye guided hypnosis exercise that will inspire you and help you align your unconscious impulses with your conscious desires

Module #2.
Immediate Habit Change Techniques 

Use the Clock Method to eliminate temptation ON THE SPOT. (When someone puts your most favorite fattening food under your nose, this technique will help you say "NO WAY" with NO problem whatsoever. Guaranteed or your money back.)

  • Learn how your self-image determines your behavior.

  • Create a "blueprint" self-image for the best version of you. This is NOT just a weight loss program, this is an opportunity to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF

  • LEARN quick, easy, and immediate ways to change your habits-INSTANTLY

  • You will use the familiar image of a clock to create a whole new way to look at food
  • LEARN a dynamic 10-second technique to give you the ability to resist any food without having to EXERCISE your will power again!

Module #3.
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
and How To Use It

  • Discover the incredible power of your sub-conscious mind. How to get it fighting FOR you--instead of against you, in the weight loss battle.

  • Identify the unconscious beliefs that make you fat and what to do to change them

  • Discover how a distorted view of time can create an obstacle to permanent weight loss
  • Deep closed eye exercise for correcting your view of time, and creating supportive beliefs to become the best version of yourself for good

Module #4.
The Stress Factor. Erase It!

Scientific research shows that stress is not just bad for your health, it is fattening too. Even thin people get belly fat from stress.

  • Eliminate the X-factor that causes belly fat, slow metabolism and sugar cravings

  • A two-second mind trick to end normal stress and worry
  • How to eliminate stored stress-the first step to getting rid of belly fat

  • Eliminate emotional stress, anxiety, and compulsive thoughts with the Two-Hand-Stress Eraser technique

Module #5.
Root Causes and Effects. Get RID of Yours.

The past does not equal the future! Yes, past events, conditioning, and associations CAN and DO shape your life. With the exercise on this module, all that can change! You CAN and will transform your experiences and break through to new ways of thinking, being and doing.

  • De-rail the mental and emotional blocks that stop you from having the body you want

  • Get to the root cause of your problems in this powerful closed eye hypnosis exercise

  • Transform past events and "bad" associations into resourceful experiences that help you become the very best version of yourself.

Module #6.
Painless Diet and Pleasurable Exercise

Learn a secret eating strategy that will change your life, and how to associate exercise with pleasurable satisfaction. Honestly, I will show you how.

  • Discover important myths and misconceptions about food labeling and metabolism.
  • Learn my secret eating strategy that has kept me at my ideal
    weight for over twenty years -without ever having to diet.

  • How to make exercise more pleasurable.
  • How to make your enjoyment of exercise... AUTOMATIC.

Module #7.
The Code Word Technique, A Self Hypnosis Shortcut

Personal growth gurus will tell you that the recipe for reaching your goals and maintaining them is:

  1. Have specific goals

  2. Remember your reasons and motivation for reaching those goals

  3. Have a plan of action

  4. Follow it by keeping all these things in the forefront of your mind.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store for milk. I came home with a lot of stuff, but forgot the milk. Has that kind of thing ever happened to you?

If so, how on earth can you be expected to keep all THAT in the forefront of your mind? This module works like a short cut on your desktop to remind you (and keep you focused) on what is important.

The code word technique acts like a beacon in your mind, propelling you toward the actions that drive results.

Module #8.
Staying on Track: Daily Practice Exercises

  • Tape Edit Technique for evening practice to keep your habits in check and 'program" yourself for success

  • The Morning Sparkle to make your day shine with success and joy. This will KEEP you motivated!

  • Reinforce all that you have learned, want to practice and remember with these great exercise

So How Much Will This Weight Loss
Course Cost Me?

The best part of this Weight Loss System
is the price!

If you have ever had a guided hypnosis session from a full-time hypnotherapy professional with all the credentials, NLP training and self hypnosis experience, it would probably cost you between $100 to $250 per hour. 

Realistically, it would probably take you 12-15 sessions to go through all the lessons covered in the material on offer here.

It might even take you weeks before you started to lose weight.

So, if you had a professional hypnotherapist work with you through these lessons, your whole investment would probably be upward of $1,500.


You only pay for my "time" once-even though you may want to repeat a lesson or practice a technique again and again.

With the power of the Internet, and no shipping costs for the audios, I can pass all the savings on to you.

That's why we are offering the entire program TODAY for only $97 

Regularly $297.00

Limited Time special offer
only $97

"I went from a size 12 to a size 6 and am told daily that I look much younger than my age. I have a confident self-image and positive mind-set that supports good habits and techniques that I learned from Mandy and her program. Start today and make up your Mind to Succeed!" -- Jeannette Kraar, Palm Bay , FL

"I am a thirty-five-year veteran of the scale wars, and this is the only online weight loss program I know of that addresses ALL the issues of weight management.

Working through the program has given me new insights into the root causes of my weight issues and new tools to deal with them.

Whether you have suffered with eating disorders your whole life or you just want to speed up your metabolism and take off a few extra pounds, this program can really really help you!" -- Angela Kelsey

For LESS than the price of ONE hypnotherapy session, you are getting:

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO 8 step-by-step modules in audio/MP3 format for easy downloading or listening

  • 1 Work book

  • 1 Success Journal

  • Bonus package that will speed up your learning process.

Bonus #1:

Thin Fit Fabulous YOU Cheat Sheet: A summary of all the tools and techniques you need to remember on ONE convenient page that you can print out and keep in your pocket or purse. ($9 value)

Bonus #2:

Self hypnosis Weight Loss: The popular online weight loss course that my students rave about! All 4 modules ( 2 hours each) that you can watch and listen to ANY time you choose from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, hotel or internet cafe.

The video recording also includes questions from students to help deepen your understanding of the methodologies.

With this program, you will take the techniques you learn in these online weight loss programs to a higher level. ($97 value)

Bonus #3:

Exclusive program package that groups tracks by appropriate listening location for maximizing your time:

1. Tracks you can listen to while driving

2. Tracks with open eye exercises that can be done anywhere (but not while driving or operating machinery.)

3. Closed-eye exercises to be practiced in a controlled environment.

There Is No Risk!

Order now for Only $297 $97

Important: You have a 100% risk-free, 8 weeks money-back guarantee on every purchase from

"When I heard Mandy was doing a weight loss program I was beyond thrilled. I immediately signed up. The program has to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself . . . 

I was able to identify the root cause of my body image issues and work on getting over those. I learned fabulous techniques using NLP to be able to walk past foods and to get up and exercise.

I can't stress enough how this program will change your life. Thanks Mandy for an amazing experience!!" - Maya Barbery, Falls Church, VA

"I went from a size 12 to a size 6 and am told daily that I look much younger than my age."

Jeannette Kraar, Consultant, Palm Bay, FL

"I lost 104 lbs and 69.75 inches in 9 months after taking Mandy’s program." Jeyla Kimball, Hollywood, FL

"I am a thirty-five-year veteran of the scale wars, and this is the only online weight loss program I know of that addresses ALL the issues of weight management. .

Whether you have suffered with eating disorders your whole life or you just want to speed up your metabolism and take off a few extra pounds, this program can really really help you!"

Angela Kelsey, Miami, Fl

"The program has to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself . . ..  I was able to identify the root cause of my body image issues and work on getting over those.

I learned fabulous techniques using NLP to be able to walk past foods and to get up and exercise. I have many new techniques in my arsenal to be able to get past cravings, to get past temptation and to be able to lose the weight in a natural manner without feeling deprived. …. I have repeatedly used that trick to make healthier choices. I can’t stress enough how this [program] will change your life. Thanks Mandy for an amazing experience!" Maya Barbery, Falls Church, VA

"Mandy offers an intelligent, yet caring approach to helping people. Her programs are excellent . . . "   Jill Beach, National Director of Media Relations
VITAS Healthcare Corporation

"I lost 104 lbs and 69.75 inches in 9 months after taking Mandy’s program." Jeyla Kimball, Hollywood, FL