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Freedom, Independence & Mind Power Programs at 50% -75% off
June 28, 2018

I'm about to do something I've never done before:

Mandy Bass here, looking back at the year. . .

Half gone. Half to go.

When you look back at the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. How are you doing?

Be honest . . .

Have you reached your weight and fitness goals? Have you made those career leaps you dreamed about?

Have you altered the bad habits you vowed that you would?

Are your relationships better? Sleeping well? Waking up feeling energized and refreshed?

Do you feel calm, happy and at peace most of the time?

Please don't feel bad . . .

Don’t feel bad if you are falling short of your goals. Most people are in the same boat!

That is UNTIL they HOW learn to “Ignite their secret power” by changing the REASON many of their problems exist in the first place.

You see, the past doesn’t NEED to keep repeating itself. But it probably WILL unless you do something remarkably different -- like address the root cause of the issue.

Here is why . . .

The reason that most people don’t make positive change permanent is because they fail to address the underlying CAUSE of their problems – the software that runs their brains - their subconscious programming.

Until you address THAT, you can never truly be free.

Perhaps it is summer fever, the approaching July 4th holiday, or because Uranus just moved into Taurus. . .

Or perhaps I just want to see what might be possible for you . . . Whatever it is, today I am doing something I have NEVER done before:

I am going to remove any excuse you have left for not taking the action that will get you to your goals.

This probably will never happen again. . .

Today I am giving you 50% off EVERY program in my success store – including already-marked-down guided audio programs.

That means that many of my life-changing guided programs are 75% off and more.

Never ever before have I made an offer like this. And I am unlikely to ever do it again . . .

But wait!! You need to know how it works first.

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Look at these incredible deals:

Ignite Your Secret Power: 7 Mysteries of Achievement
This instantly downloadable MP3 program identifies the seven (7) skills that are critical for your success. As importantly, it guides you step-by-step to learn and APPLY them by mastering your mind power. That is why your life will get better - almost immediately.

Discover tools to:

- Change self-sabotaging beliefs

- Get organized and in control

- Get out of overwhelm

- Improve focus

- Get your feelings working for you

- Learn how to better influence and persuade others

- Be more productive

- Unlock your mind power

If you’ve felt overwhelmed, underpaid, or just plain fed up with the challenges of your job, business or career, this program is for you

"I’ve noticed that I am MORE ORGANIZED than I have ever been in my life. I seem to have so much EXTRA TIME that I didn’t have before thanks to the organizational process. Because my professional life is so much more organized, I have so more time to spend with my family" -- Marilyn Blosser, CSA, LUTCF. President, Women in Insurance & Financial Services

Reg. $199. Now only $46.50

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Thin Fit Fabulous You: Platinum Weight Loss System

The ONLY weight-loss system you will ever need!

Identify and solve all the issues that keep you from looking and feeling your best. Lose excess weight and keeping it off for good.

- Stop emotional eating

- Motivate yourself to WANT to exercise

- Change bad habits with EASE

- Eliminate self-sabotage

- Identify root causes of your "issues" so you STOP hurting yourself and START stepping into REAL, most beautiful YOU.

- Overcome body image issues

- Learn the BEST weight loss diet

- Speed up your metabolism

This program includes EIGHT audio modules, a student manual, cheat sheet, success journal and other bonuses. This is not just a weight loss program it is an incredible personal growth experience.

But don't take my word for it!

"I am a thirty-five-year veteran of the scale wars, and this is the ONLY program I know of that addresses ALL the issues of weight management.

Working through the program has given me new insights into the root causes of my weight issues and NEW TOOLS to deal with them. Whether you have suffered with eating disorders your whole life or you just want to speed up your metabolism and take off a few extra pounds, this program can really really help you." -- Angela Kelsey, Miami Shores, Fl

Reg $297. Now only $46.50.

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Life Purpose Connection

This breakthrough home training program will guide you towards your true destiny, so you can live a life of passion, fulfillment and purpose.

Imagine how wonderful you will feel when you see the events in your life as stepping stones on the path to your life's purpose.

This revolutionary program is filled with NEW mind tools and exercises, not available on any other program, to invigorate every part of your being with a new sense of direction, meaning and joy. It includes four life-changing downloadable modules.

"The program was AWESOME, and the new habits have already started taking roots, and all I'm doing is "baby steps". -- Elsie Salinardi, CPA, CFP, Sunrise, FL

Reg $89. Now only $44.50

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How To Self Hypnosis

Learn how to do Self-Hypnosis

A FOUR MODULE audio program that teaches you everything you need to know about self-hypnosis and guides you through all the processes. At the end of the self hypnosis training you can practice on your own -- or use the guided audio exercises for your practice.

"It really made me reach deep within myself and realize what limitations we put on ourselves. Thanks to Mandy we now have techniques we can use to go beyond our previous limits." -- Veena Deddar, CFP CLU CHFC, London Life, Toronto, Canada

Reg. $147. Now only $28.50

Seriously! That is 80% off the regular price!

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Clear Your Track For Success: Derail Unconscious Blocks
"The key reward has been the rekindling of my self-confidence" --Gary Harrison, Insurance Specialist, Boca Raton, FL
Relax with Mandy Bass
"I now have a measure of internal calm and peacefulness I did not have before." -- Ellen Siegel, CLU CHFC, CFP, Miami, FL
Forgiveness and Self Appreciation
"It helped me on every level of my LIFE, professional, financial, personal & spiritual . . . I am so grateful!" -- Raul, Duarte, Miami, FL

Now only $7.50 ea with coupon code: FREEME

>>>>> Happy July 4th >>>>>>>>>>>>

To your freedom!


P.S. Here is what other people say about these programs:

I lost 104 lbs and 69.75 inches in 9 months after taking Mandy’s program." -- Jeyla Kimball, Hollywood, FL

"Mandy offers an intelligent, yet caring approach to helping people. Her programs are excellent." -- Jill Beach, National Director of Media Relations,VITAS Healthcare Corporation

"As a psychotherapist with a lucrative practice for many years I realized I was unfulfilled and unhappy…I was stuck. . .. I made more progress in a few months than years of psychotherapy and training. "--Shelley Eisenberg, Psychotherapist, New York, NY

"Over the years, I have attended many self-improvement seminars hosted by famous motivational leaders. I have spent a small fortune on all sorts of books and audios and NONE have given me what you have…I really wanted to feel whole, confident, balanced, happy. You taught me the basic skills necessary to finally achieve what I wanted for myself." -- Kathy Poulin, Pompano Beach, FL

There is a lot more. Just click on the link in the image below. The code FREEME takes another 50% off marked down prices.

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