Reach Your goals More Easily
by Making your mind
work for you

(Learn Self Hypnosis)

Why Learn Self Hypnosis?

Self Hypnosis is not magic. It is simply a process of directing your brain and mind so that you align your "unconscious behaviors" with your conscious intentions.

Whether you realize it or not, you are programming yourself every day with your self-talk and memories from the past. The problem is that typically, without training, most of that programming is negative.

Self Hypnosis is a way of training your brain to reduce the negative chatter we all experience and replace it with focused, positive reinforcement. You can apply it to whatever goals you have such as self confidence, sleep, public speaking and habit control.

We use deep relaxation techniques because that slows brain wave activity and that makes it easier to "reach" your subconscious mind.  

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. Because hypnosis requires you to be a willing participant for the process to work.

LEARNING self hypnosis can help you:

  • REACH YOUR GOALS quicker and easier
  • FEEL BETTER, healthier and more joyful
  • CHANGE HABITS (Think you've got a tough habit, like overeating or smoking? This process has been proven effective for heroin addiction!)
  • ELIMINATE self-doubt


You won't need to wait until you have mastered the program to see results. Just practicing the exercises will help you relax and reduce stress.  You can start building your confidence immediately and relax yourself to sleep, if that is your goal.

After just a few sessions, you will feel more relaxed, focused and in control.  

As you practice, you will begin to experience:

  • An increase in confidence
  • Easier self motivation
  • More enjoyment in your life
  • An increase in energy with a sense of well-being
  • Increase your skills at work, school and/or sports
  • An increased ability to stay positive, focused and motivated
  • You will deepen the connection and pleasure of ALL your relationships

How Can I Say All That?

I can say that because those are the real-life results my students have achieved over the past twenty years.

I have seen the results of how people, just like you, lose weight, cure insomnia, stop smoking, reduce stress, and effortlessly let go of unwanted habits.


Many people use self hypnosis for managing stress and staying positive and focused. Others use it as a life -changing tool:

One practitioner I worked with overcame his ten-year addiction to heroin -- within 30 days!

Seventeen years ago I was legally blind. I literally couldn't pass the State eye test for a driver's license with corrected vision. Thanks to self hypnosis my corrected vision is almost 20/20 today.

Take a look at what some of my students have done by learning self hypnosis

You Don't need to be an expert
to see results

You don't have to be expert on self-hypnosis to see results. You just have to follow some very clear and simple steps that I will share with you.

What can you expect to happen? Don't limit yourself. I've seen lives of ordinary men and women changed dramatically.


Think of it like this: your unconscious mind, like the software on your computer. iT runs mainly on automatic programs.

Like a computer being upgraded, the good news - GREAT news, really -- is that you don't have to understand what your old programs are, or why you have them, in order to let yourself overwrite and change them now. 

In the same way you can install a new program on your computer and it removes and replaces the old program, you can overwrite your own negative programming and FEEL good while you do it, noticing how the deepest levels of your mind and body are transformed for the better

In fact, the best estimate of some neuroscientists is that a full 90% of what we do is a result of unconscious reflexes.

The problem for us is that all too often our unconscious processes are operating under instructions that work in opposition to what we want in life... 

...It is this 90% which self hypnosis will help you reach and control.

You Might Be Surprised How Easily and Naturally You Learn Self Hypnosis

Here is how the program is designed to help you learn easily

First I explain the ins and outs of each technique, one at a time.

Then we practice them together, first, one at a time, eventually combining steps so you get a sense of the flow. Finally I guide you through longer exercises to so you can experience an entire session from beginning to end.

The How to Self Hypnosis Audio package guides you through easy-to-follow progressions so you can practice, step by step, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office.

The audios are in mp3 format and can be instantly downloaded to your PC or MAC (or Iphone) or you can listen to them online.

Each time you practice self hypnosis you will find you move more quickly into a deep state of being, and experience better results more easily, in every area of your life.

What is in the Program

A FOUR MODULE audio program that teaches you everything you need to know about self hypnosis and guides you through all the processes. At the end of the self hypnosis training you can practice on your own -- or use the guided audio exercises for your practice.

Module 1: How to Self Hypnosis Basics

  • Learn how to use creative visualization, one of the more powerful tools for your self hypnosis process
  • We will explore real life examples of how others use self hypnosis for benefits throughout their lives
  • Learn how to change your language, learn what to say and not to say so that your brain will automatically solve problems for you
  • You will learn that anyone can use self hypnosis, you do not need to have ever have been hypnotized before to be successful
  • Discover how past experiences can cause you to sabotage future results and what to do about it.
  • The powerful Laws of Programming that will direct your subconscious mind to automatically move you forward toward achieving your goals

Module 2: The Self Hypnosis Process

You will learn and practice everything you need to know to enter into a deep state, what to do when you are there and how to come out. Specifically you will experience:

  • How to use "Post-hypnotic Suggestion" as the gift that keeps
    giving. Learn to extend and duplicate the benefits and good feelings of your sessions
  • The See-Hear-Feel Induction to enter hypnosis
  • Three ways to effortlessly come out of hypnosis
  • Five ways to deepen your state so you can enjoy profoundly soothing states. You will be better equipped to influence your unconscious programming

3: Self Hypnosis Techniques

  • The right way to use suggestions and affirmations
  • Creating anchors or triggers to bring on resourceful states
  • The Feeling Bridge Technique to program "states of being" into present and future situations
  • How to use CODE WORDS to trigger thoughts, feelings, motivation and beliefs like a shortcut on your desk top
  • How to "program yourself" to reach a specific goal
  • How to get rid of unwanted habits and replace then with ones you do want

Bonus Module 4: Closed Eye Guided Process

In this module Mandy personally guides you into a deeply relaxed, receptive state, so you can "program" yourself to achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

  • You will completely unwind, release stress and rejuvenate yourself.
  • You will learn how to create the internal resources necessary to achieve and enjoy success.

You are going to love this exercise, on its own, it would be worth the price of the whole program!

All four modules now only $47.  (Reg $147) .

Plus the program comes with a 100% 30-day Money-back guarantee.

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What others have done with these techniques

Overcame fear of public speaking

"I had so much fear speaking to an audience . . . forget everything I had to say.  Now, I am able to make presentations, talk in public, be more relaxed and control that fear . . .. I have also increased my sales and have a positive attitude... it works!"
Lyda Shehadeh, Financial Services Representative -- Miami, FL

Healed Her hearT

"Recently I had a follow-up stress thallium test, due to a heart attack I suffered six years ago. My doctor tells me that my heart is in better shape now than when I was much younger. I credit Self hypnosis, the relaxation and meditation techniques with those results. I’ve even recommended this program to my cardiologist."  Ann Travis, Business Owner, Miami

New Golfer breaks 100!

"I set the goal to break 100 in my golf game…Three times a day I use the techniques and imagined writing my success story to Mandy.  My practice was focused on the goal…I added my score…for a total of 101.  It hadn’t worked, even if I played so much better than usual. That’s not important, it is just a game, I thought. Next morning at 8 I received a phone call from my partner. “Listen, I went through the score card, you didn’t calculate right. You had…a total of 99!” I ran to check it out. He was right, my score was 99. It HAD worked!." Christine Mayor, Fort Lauderdale

Helps woman find dream job

"It helped me reach my goal of finding my dream job in Sun City Center, Florida,. . . Thank you." Glenda Delise, Sun City, FL

Finds Inner peace

"I have a measure of internal calm and peacefulness I did not have before." Ellen Siegel, CFP, Miami Fl

the Missing link

"Over the years I have attended many self-improvement seminars hosted by famous motivational leaders. I have spent a small fortune on all sorts of books and tapes and NONE have given me what you have…I really wanted to feel whole, confident, balanced, happy.  The first step in the right direction came by attending your seminar. You taught me the basic skills necessary to finally achieve what I wanted for myself."  Kathy Poulin, Pompano Beach, FL

Revenues Grew 40% 

"As a result of using Mandy's techniques, my revenues soared 40% the first year and 33% the next. "- Mike Lynch, CFP, Plantation, FL

health boost

"Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with HIV. Since then my T-cells have fluctuated between 123 and 450. After taking the Two-day program, my T-cells jumped to 857!”  Name withheld by request,  
Miami Beach, FL

Lost weight

"I lost 104 lbs and 69.75 inches in 9 months after taking Mandy’s program." Jeyla Kimball, Hollywood, FL

Speeds progress

“I made more progress in a few months than years of psychotherapy and training.”
Shelley Eisenberg, Psychotherapist,  NY, NY

overcomes self limits

“The program made me reach deep within myself and discover my self-imposed limitations. Thanks to Mandy I now  know how  to go beyond them.”
Veena Deddar, CFP Toronto Canada

"Mandy offers an intelligent, yet caring approach to helping people. Her programs are excellent . . . "   Jill Beach, National Director of Media Relations
VITAS Healthcare Corporation