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7  Ways to Manage Stress
in Every Day Life

There is a difference between READING about ways to manage stress and actively DOING stress management techniques. It is like the difference between DREAMING about a vacation in Tahiti -- and actually GOING there. Two very different experiences. 

Read about managing stress or do it!

Below you will find 7 ways to manage stress effectively. By integrating these stress coping strategies into your normal routine, you will become healthier, smarter, and nicer to be around. Seriously :-)) 

And there is more. ..

In working with hundreds- perhaps thousands-of professionals in my business coaching practice over the last twenty years, I’ve found that when people make stress reduction a priority – meaning that they make a HABIT of using these skills in their everyday lives -- their productivity improves and they make more money.

The correlation between business stress management and productivity is not really surprising when you think about the fact that personal energy is the foundation of all true, sustainable success in life – in your work, personal relationships and your health. When you implement the various ways to manage stress, you are, in essence, gaining control of your vitality. 

2 Aspects of Stress Management

The two aspects to take into account when you are considering ways to manage stress are:

  1. Releasing stored stress. (Such as with controlled relaxation, relaxation hypnosis, therapeutic massage and physical exercise)
  2. Developing coping skills for stress to integrate into your life on a daily basis (So you respond to  stressors in a healthier, more productive manner)

7 Healthy Ways to Manage stress

1. Watch your thinking!

  • Stress is not limited to what you physically experience. It’s limited by what is imaginable.
  • Because your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, each and every time you replay a stressful episode in your mind, you trigger a stress response in your body – just as if that situation was happening all over again.
  • If you catch yourself with "stress-producing" self-talk, use affirmations for stress reduction to change your programming.
  • The same thing is true when you worry about the future. If you could peek into the minds of most people you would see horror movies that would make your hair stand on end.  More about positive thinking here
  • Learn how to relax your mind!
A look inside the mind

2. Improve awareness.

  • Make a note of what causes stress (stressors) in your life and how you respond.  Are there healthier alternatives? 
  • Get intimate with the triggers and your physical and mental reactions. Having awareness of when you first experience stress will help you choose a quick response and diminish the effects.

3. Eliminate stressors and Avoid Unnecessary Stress

  • Where possible, avoid people and topics you “react” to.  For me that includes violent movies and politics. 
  • If television news stresses you out, stop watching it!  If certain friends stress you out, stop hanging out with them.
Ways to manage stress - declutter
  • Avoid gossip, negativity and people who constantly talk about problems. What you think about you create. 
  • Get rid of clutter in your environment and take control of your work space.  
  • 4. Change your response. 

    • Make your first response to any stress you feel a nice, big deep breath.
    • Apply positive power thinking or mindful meditation-on-the-go to help you stay centered – relaxed, focused, and in control. You will be happier and healthier.

    5Closed -eye relaxation exercises

    • Deep relaxation techniques are very restorative, strengthening your immune system, and stimulating your body’s natural ability to heal itself. They relax the mind and body.

    Get a downloadable MP3 that guides you through the process of hypnosis for stress relief.

    Mind visualization, guided imagery, self hypnosis and meditation relax both mind and body.   More.

    Quiet your mind

    6Two-handed Stress Anxiety Management Technique. 

    • I consider this technique emergency CPR – for your mind. It is an excellent anxiety coping strategy for mental and emotional stress. (but it’s not a substitute for positive power thinking.) 

    This technique has even helped many people stop panic attacks. More

    7. Rigorous physical exercise

    Getting some exercise in least three times a week helps to get rid of stored stress. 

    Exercise releases endorphins which give you a better outlook and sense of well-being. No Motivation? Get some here ...

    Remember it doesn’t help to know all the many ways to manage stress in your life, unless you actually do something about it.

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