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How to Control Stress
With Creative Visualization

In  other articles on this website, we have discussed how to control stress with self hypnosis, breathing techniques, positive thinking, physical exercise and a host of other strategies. This page is focused on one of my favorite strategies for self-healing and changing internal states, namely, Creative Visualization.

Creative Visualization is simply the process of using mental imagery and other internal senses to create what you want in your life.

When it comes to learning how to control stress, the goal of the practice, is simply to feel more peaceful, relaxed and in control. When you consciously apply your mind power to that end, you may be surprised at just how easy it is, to reach your goal. 

Before getting too serious about the process, note how you are feeling on a pain-pleasure scale of 1 to 10, then then think about a happy, peaceful time in your life-- anytime you can recall vividly. Allow your memory to take you back to that time and place and just enjoy it. Notice how much better you feel. Creative visualization uses memory and imagination to shift your personal energy to help you get more of what you want.

revisit A tranquil Memory

This is probably the simplest technique for learning how to control stress because it helps you relax the mind. Most stress control techniques focus on on physical relaxation but unless your mind is calm and at peace, the effect is marginal.

  1. Get yourself into a comfortable position.
  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then recall a time when you were in a relaxed, tranquil environment, feeling at peace… recognizing the beauty of the moment.
  3. With your eyes remaining closed, bring back the scene as vividly as possible (feel free to embellish with color and light. The memory is just a point of reference from which to begin.)
  4. Imagine the sounds, the sensations – perhaps a gentle breeze, or the warm touch of the sun. Imagine all your senses immersed in the peaceful luxury of the moment, bathing in tranquility and harmony.
  5. As you feel your mind and body sink into deep comfort and relaxation, see if you can expand that feeling and make it twice as deep, twice as comfortable. 
  6. When you feel complete, think about the rest of your day unfolding in peace in harmony.
  7. Open your eyes slowly and notice how wonderful you feel.

How to Control Stress by imagining  Healing Light/ Energy

  1. Get yourself into a comfortable position.
  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths to center yourself
  3. Imagine a beautiful healing light coming from an unseen source above you. This magnificent liquid light heals and soothes everything it touches.
  4. Imagine bringing the healing, soothing light into your body, through the crown of your head.
  5. Your body is like a vessel or container that facilitates the movement of the light throughout your body, brain and mind. Feel the light as it moves through your body and fills you with comfort and relaxation.
  6. Feel it filling up your toes, your feet, your ankles etc. until your entire being is immersed in comfort and relaxation.
  7. When you feel completely rejuvenated, think about the rest of your day unfolding in peace in harmony. Visualize the outcomes that you want.
  8. Open your eyes slowly and notice how wonderful you feel.

3.    CREATE a new scene

This is similar to the first exercise where we practiced how to control stress by REMEMBERING a tranquil or passive scene. You will imagine yourself in a beautiful, tranquil place and immerse your inner senses. But this exercise requires a little more mind power because you will create a place you have not actually visited before (though you may have pictures in magazines or movies that are similar.)  For this exercise you will use more of your imagination. Your memory will still serve as points of reference but you can create a space in your mind that is totally unique and used exclusively by you.  

  1. Think about what would be the most relaxing place you would enjoy spending time in. Would it be an exotic island, a green grassy meadow, floating on a cloud, a mountain top retreat? You are only limited by your imagination.
  2. Think about what you would see – hear and feel. Immerse your senses in the new experience.
  3. Expand your inner senses to where you feel divinely relaxed, restored and complete. Make it twice as peaceful, twice as relaxing. Double it again again.
  4. When you are ready, open your eyes slowly and come back to reality, noticing how much calmer and more in control you fell

Which of these three exercises is best for learning how to control stress?  Whichever one you most enjoy,using and applying. I find that just five minutes a day works wonders for my clients who are learning how to control stress.

Other Uses of Creative Visualization

1.    Motivation: Get yourself to take action visualizing all the benefits that will come from taking that action. Visualize the PAIN that you will feel and experience if you DON’T do the action. What reward will give yourself if you take that action now?  Visualize how good you feel if you take that action now. Imagine the benefits again, make them bigger, brighter more interesting. See the joy on your face as you enjoy your rewards. Do it!
2.    Goal setting. Visualize what you want in three years from now. See it, feel it. For that to happen, what do you need to have in place in ONE year from now? For those one year goals to happen, what does life need to look like in six months from now? 90 days? 30 days? Remember to write everything down and stay accountable.
3.    Forgiveness
4.    Healing
5.    Weight loss
6.    Positive thinking
7.    Self esteem
8.    Manifesting money
9.    Overcoming limiting beliefs and self sabotage
10.   Igniting your secret power

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