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Millionaire Mind Secrets:
Become Immune To Criticism

One of the more important Millionaire Mind Secrets is to never allow yourself to be crushed by the negative opinions of others.   The history of financial success is marked by people who overcame a chorus of critics on their way to creating massive wealth.

In one of my earlier articles on self confidence and self esteem, I mentioned Maxwell Malts, who said that the greatest characteristic of successful people is complete immunity to criticism.

 But what do you do if you aren’t so thick-skinned?  What if it hurts when people say that you’re flat out wrong? Or that your idea is just dumb? Or that they would never invest or buy from you in a million years. We already know that it’s not the criticism that matters; it’s your reaction to it.

 Having a healthy response to criticism is one more of the millionaire mind secrets you acquire with the use of self hypnosis and other mind power techniques.

What is a healthy response to criticism?

Is it possible to feel okay, even while you are being criticized?
What if you had the ability to use criticism simply as feedback? To evaluate and listen to what can help you and ignore what has no value. 

Here is an exercise from the Wired for Wealth Program that you can use to acquire one of the most important millionaire mind secrets. With mental practice you can “train your brain” to become immune to the negative effects of criticism.

Millionaire Mind Secrets Plexi-shield Exercise

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Sit back, relax and get completely comfortable. (Or induce hypnosis and deepen. Self Hypnosis Instructions.)
  3. Imagine yourself out there in front of you.  It’s okay if you don’t literally see yourself, just sensing or imagining is enough for this to work.
  4. Watch in your mind as a friend approaches who is about to criticize you. The very moment that the words leave the friend’s mouth, allow a large Plexiglas shield to appear between the you over there and the friend.
  5. Watch as the critical words stick to the outside of the Plexiglas for the you over there to evaluate. Observe this in total comfort from a distance.
  6. See or sense that you evaluate the criticism.  Watch, as that you compares the words of the criticism with a mental picture of the behavior being criticized.
  7. That you decides in total comfort, in a friendly curious way, whether there is anything useful to learn from the friend’s words – or not.
  8. Watch as that you decides on the best response to the criticism, whether it’s changing behavior, making amends, or clarifying something for the friend.
  9. See the Plexiglas drop away as that you responds warmly, in a way that matches your preferred way of dealing with people.
  10. If there is any other criticism to be heard in that interaction, then the Plexiglas appears, and words stick to the outside for careful and comfortable evaluation.
  11. The Plexiglas drops away again when the you over there has evaluated the criticism.
  12. Adjust the image of the you out there in any way you choose. (Perhaps a smile, or a stronger, more confident posture?)  Allow that image of you to sparkle with the qualities you enjoy seeing and internalize the millionaire mind secrets you have acquired.  
  13. Extend gratitude to this part of you that you are seeing now in your mind's eye, and pull this part within you until it is in you,  seeing through your eyes and hearing through your ears
  14. In your imagination, walk into your future with one of the most important millionaire mind secrets as an integrated part of you.
  15. Any time words of criticism head toward you a Plexiglas wall appears in mind, for you to evaluate the words in total comfort and decide with warmth and gratitude, what response, if any, is best for all concerned.
  16. Step into a possible future situation where before criticism was a problem for you and notice what is different now. Repeat this step with several situations. 
  17. Allow yourself to feel appreciation for this new found awareness-- to the deepest recesses of your being.

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