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Hoponopono (Ho'oponopono) Ancient Huna Healing Technique

Hoponopono, or more correctly, Ho'oponopono, is an ancient Hawaiian healing cure, mantra or prayer, which means "to make right." 

When I was battling with brain injury after being attacked a few months ago,  I found the process almost magical in helping me forgive and let go of the anger I was experiencing. That in turn helped facilitate my physical and spiritual healing.

Before we get into the process itself, I think that some background and an understanding of the underlying philosophy might be useful.

Though an ancient practice in the Huna culture, internet marketer, Joe Vitale, introduced Hoponopono and the work of Dr. Hew Len, to the general public, through his book, Zero Limits in 2007.

Dr Len is famous for having cured an entire ward of mentally insane criminals (the ward closed down within four years) without every actually seeing one patient.

“The only task in your life and mine is the restoration of our Identities ~ our Minds ~ back to their original state of void or zero.”
~ Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

The underlying philosophy of  Ho'oponopono is very similar to that of Zen Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus, as presented in A Course in Miracles. Though these teachings fit comfortably into my personal belief system, I do understand why many people with different ideologies, based on a more literal or fundamentalist interpretation of scripture, have resistance to the ideas.

Underlying Concepts of Hoponopono

Simply stated, the underlying principles of Hoponopono are:

  1. We were created perfect by God or Source as an an extension of Him.
  2. After the "separation" occurred and we began to see ourselves as individual bodies, our consciousness became clouded by "data"  or false programming i.e. subconscious memories that cloud our perception of what is true.
  3. Separateness is an illusion that comes from self-identification with the ego (our bodies and beliefs) instead of our Spirit identification.  In the world of the Absolute, we are all One.
  4. The physical world we are experiencing is a projection of our thinking> Our thinking is cloud by false memories or  "data"  -- as it relates to Ho'oponopono.
  5. The Hoponopono Prayer helps us clear the false data or programming so we can achieve the state of "emptiness"  from which point we have access to inspiration or Source. (In quantum physics this could be viewed  as  zero-point energy that is constant -- underlying everything that exists and cannot be diluted, decreased or caused to change over time)
  6. Because there is no separation, we are all one. I am a part of you, you are a part of me like water molecules in an ocean. The world is projection of our collective consciousness. Therefore I am 100% responsible for whatever it is I see. If I see fault in you, my job is not to correct you. My responsibility is to clear myself so I can change my perception.
  7. When my perception changes, my projection changes. When everything is cleared, I come to a point where there is no programming or memories obscuring my vision. At that point I have access to Source energy and true Inspiration. From that Empty place, we are restored to wholeness. 

Here is a video of Dr. Len being interviewed about his experience with Ho'oponopono

How to Apply Ho'oponopono

Remember that even in helping others to heal, you are in essence, clearing yourself of your "programming." Simply keep repeating the following statement to yourself, acknowledging that whatever you are experiencing is your responsibility. You can therefore clear it.

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

Apply one of the following strategies to try it out for the first time:

1.  Use it on something small -- perhaps the guy who cut you off when you were on your way to work -- and you are still mad about it. After it works, apply it to something bigger and so on....


2. Use it on something big. After it works use it on all the small stuff.

As the course in Miracles says, there is no order of miracles.


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