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Positive Change Hypnosis
Code-word technique

The use of Code words is a very effective positive change hypnosis technique for keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind, fueled with self- motivation.

Haven’t you ever gone to the store and come back with a bunch of stuff except the ONE thing you went there for?  The one thing that was so clear in your mind just a few minutes before?

There are so many distractions in our lives, it is SO easy to get off track and just forget WHERE you were going or even WHY you were there in the first place....Distractions, loss of focus and lack of motivation are the major reasons why people don’t reach the goals they set for themselves.

The Code-word positive change hypnosis technique will allow you to remember a whole series of concepts and ideas (and the feelings associated with them) by simply repeating a short phrase or word to yourself. It will act as a beacon signaling your new motivation and behaviors that naturally fall in line.

When to use code-word positive change hypnosis technique:

Use this positive change hypnosis technique when you want to:

  • Keep focused on your short and long-term goals
  • Stay positive and self motivated
  • More easily follow the action plan, habits and behaviors that will get you to your goal

How to “Install” a  Code word

1. Write out a statement with the concepts, ideas and behaviors you want to affirm in present tense, stated in positive terms. Include:

  • Specific outcomes you want to accomplish
  • Reasons why the outcomes are important to you
  • The new behaviors you will use to accomplish the goal

2. After writing out your statement, give it a code word.
3. The statement should end with "all these concepts and ideas come to me whenever I think of the code word [insert your code word]."
4. Read the entire statement aloud at least three times with feeling and concentration. 
5. To program your subconscious mind with your code word, use self hypnosis or relax deeply and repeat the code word. Bringing to mind all the concepts and ideas in your statement. Notice the shift. 
6. Use the positive change code word "programming" daily to reinforce it  while in a deep relaxed state.
7. Say your code word to yourself or out loud --eyes open-- while brushing your teeth, driving, walking or standing in line--at least once a day to recall your commitment and motivation.

Once "installed" it acts like a shortcut to bring to mind all the ideas in your statement.

Example of a Code Word Statement

This particular code word statement was written by a student of my weight loss program. Her goal was to lose weight and get into better shape --which she did do!

Obviously each context would be different.

Please note:  everyone’s motivations and desired outcomes are different. This is just an example of ONE person’s so you can have an idea of what the finished process looks like. Yours should be unique and energizing to you.

The person who wrote this statement was motivated by family and quality of life. Having energy and time to spend with her young grandchildren was very important to her.  She had lost her husband two years prior to this process and wanted to start dating.

Because I love life and it is important to me to look and feel great, I enjoy healthy habits that keep me fit and thin. I eat whatever I want and maintain my ideal weight, though I naturally prefer foods that keep me in great shape. By July 4, 2013, I weigh 125 pounds and comfortably fit into a size 4. I maintain this weight throughout my life.

I eat only when I am hungry and limit my portions to those that my body needs. I eat slowly and appreciatively and feel satisfied after meals. I reward myself by taking long walks on the beach or a nice hot bath. I manage my stress well by taking time each day for positive change hypnosis, controlled relaxation and other “Mind to Succeed” exercises. I use my learned techniques to overcome emotional impulses and negative behaviors immediately. These impulses pass quickly and occur less and less frequently as time continues.

It is important to me to give and receive love from my children and grandchildren for as long as possible. I eat right and exercise regularly. These behaviors give me the energy I need to live life fully in every way.

Because I am attracting my ideal mate into my life, I choose to look my best.  I radiate with health and vitality. I look and feel sexy and slender. I am admired and respected by others. It is fun and exciting to be so attractive.

I am physically fit and radiantly beautiful. This enriches my life and helps me realize my full potential as a human being. Having control over my physical body empowers me; consequently I have more control over my life.

All these concepts and ideas come to me whenever I think of the code word "think thin."

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