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Stress Anxiety Management Technique:
The Two-Hand Stress Cure

For ongoing stress anxiety management there is no substitute for a  positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle that includes effective ways to manage stress in your daily life.

But sometimes stuff happens and you come unglued. There are times when stress anxiety management is not really an option and you just want to bury your head in the sand. THEN what you need is a stress cure...

A technique to move you from anxiety to calm. From obsessive compulsive thinking -- or overwhelm -- to a clear head.

Yes I know you could take a drug that messes with your brain waves and puts you into a zombie state.

But this stress cure works quicker -- doesn't cost a penny -- and it it is better for your body mind health. And all you need is your mind. (As with all the techniques I offer on this site, this is not a substitute for therapy or medical attention. It is intended as information only for people interested in mental self help.)

I use this stress anxiety management technique like emergency CPR for the mind. It is an excellent way to process anxiety producing thoughts and get them out of your system. The entire process usually takes less than ten minutes. It is a great technique to know and practice so you can use it with confidence if  you ever need help fast. It works much quicker than prescription drugs, other home remedies or natural supplements for anxiety.

Four ingredients that make this technique a stress cure

1. Frontal-occipital holding of your head helps stimulate blood flow. Getting blood flowing through your emotional mid-brain into your forehead area (executive decision-making center of the brain)  helps you to think more clearly. Blood flow to the back of your head provides stimulation to that part of your brain which controls physical functioning.

2. Deep breathing on its own provides relief for stress. It is important for oxygenating the blood and revitalizing body, brain and mind. 

3. Eye movement provides access to different memories or associations. When you complete the exercise as instructed you will clear anxiety producing feelings from ALL the associated memories. Typically when we get to a point where we seek self help for anxiety, it is not the first time we are having this type of experience. If you want to really rid yourself of the problem, it is best to process all the associations you have with the feeling at once if you can,  even though it will mean temporary discomfort. It is like taking the lid off a pressure cooker.

4. Last but not least this Is not an avoidance technique. You will process your feelings and let them flow through you naturally without resistance so that they can be released and let go.

Work with a partner in Extreme stress anxiety management cases

In extreme stress anxiety management situations—when you feel like you are going to “lose it”, it helps to have someone working with you to hold your head and remind you to keep breathing.

Sounds silly but the breathing is what makes this technique work. We have a tendency to hold our breath when we are tense.

I also offer guided downloadable MP3 that talks you though the process and reminds you to breathe.  People love it.

Two-handed stress cure technique

The following exercise is fabulous for eliminating those worries or feelings so that you can be relaxed, focused and in control. Try it next time you want to eliminate a recurring thought or feeling.

Read though all the instructions for this stress anxiety management technique so that you know what you need to do. Once you begin the exercise you need to stay focused on the process and stopping to read the

1. Think the stressful thought and notice how stressful, scary, and, or negative it is for you (0-10 “peace to pain” scale).  Do not skip this part because “Scoring” is the first step to solving the problem.

2. Place left hand on forehead lightly, touching the whole area.   Place right hand lightly on back of head. (This is called Frontal-Occipital Holding and comes from the field of specialized Kinesthesiology).

3. Think about the stressor or feel the negative emotions fully as you breathe deep, flowing breaths. The goal here is to breathe the negative feeling out of your mid-brain which is where your emotions are stored.  (Don’t “try to be positive.”   Fully get into the emotion, let yourself feel it more, get more neurology involved.   Sometimes it helps to catch onto the emotional self-talk and say it over and over, for example: “I’ll probably always be lonely!!!”   Sometimes it helps to think of the images that make you sad.)

5. While breathing deeply in connected never-ending cycles, gently and slowly rotate your eyes to different positions, eyes open.   If you find an eye position which increases the emotion, hold it there and breathe into the emotion.   When the emotion resolves, continue rotating your eyes until all positions are cleared.   Close your eyes and repeat the process.

6. When you feel the emotion resolved, you can stop and “rate” your emotions again on the peace to pain scale.   If you’re down to zero (peace) or even beyond that at euphoria, you’re done!  

If not quite to zero, do it again, and this time do more to bring up the emotion (talk out loud about your greatest fears/ regrets in the situation, etc)   Also ”track “ your eyes by shifting them back and forth from one area to another until you’re done.   (For example, go left-right-left-right-left-right… then up-down-up-down-up-down… then diagonally from upper right to lower left, over and over… then diagonally the other way…  then around in circles….  etc.)


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