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Mind Control Tips
for Changing How You Feel

Today's mind control tips focus on  a little secret that perhaps you haven’t discovered yet.  Or perhaps you may have learned about them but you're  not using them in ALL the ways they can help you.

You can use these techniques to shift your inner state, reduce fear, increase confidence, build enthusiasm etc. But like anything else, they only work if you use them

Before delving into today's exercises, I want to make sure you put them in the right place in your mind.

In an earlier article I shared an exercise on perceptual positions --the point of view from which you experience a situation.

Those mind power exercises,  Bring Change 2 Mind, showing you how to change the way you feel about a situation by developing emotional flexibility -- or practicing seeing things from different points of view.

It is like the difference between experiencing a love scene where you are  1) a participant  2) an actor playing a role in that scene,  or 3) an observer --watching that scene in a movie theater. All very different experiences that create different states. 

We are going o do something similar here. These mind control tips will also show you HOW to change your state. But this time, instead of changing your point of view, you are going to learn how to change the coding of your inner experience.

In the movie scene analogy it would be more like controlling the camera, the music, the atmosphere and  the special effects. In other words you will play the role of director in the theater of your mind.

The mind tool we will use, is what NLP practitioners call "sub modalities" -- the building blocks of thought.

about Sub modalities

Sub modalities are the smallest building blocks of our thoughts. Our brains code our memory of sensory experience using these building blocks. This is how our brains tell us if something is important -- or not-- or somewhere in between.

When you are picturing something in your mind regardless of the content,  mental images may be colored, bright, different sized, monochrome, and stationary or moving. Those qualities are called sub-modalities within the visual sense. 

In the article, A nifty mind tool for changing likes and dislikes, I showed you how to use "location"  within the visual sense to change food preferences.

When you remember a sound, it may be mono or stereo when experienced internally. Mono /stereo is a sub-modality of sound. So is tone, volume, etc.

Sub-modalities help us remember what we have seen, heard, felt, smelt and tasted both externally and imagined. For instance, we are more likely to remember a large bright picture than a small dull one.

sub modalities check list

Black and White or Color
Near or Far
Bright or Dim
Size of Picture
Associated / Dissociated
Focused or Unfocused
Focus (Changing/Steady)
Framed or Panoramic
Movie or Still
Movie – Fast/Normal/Slow
Amount of Contrast
3D or Flat
Angle Viewed From

Texture: Soft or Rough
Movement / Spin
Temperature – Hot or Cold
Dry or Wet
Pressure & Weight: Heavy or Light

Internal or External
Loud or Soft
Fast or Slow
High or Low Pitch
Uniqueness of Sound
Quality: Clear or Muffled?
Continuous or Discontinuous

Mind Control Tips --Step One
Increase awareness

Get in touch with your own inner experience. Get points of reference

Bring a treasured memory to mind and focus on the qualities or structure of your thinking.  Notice whether it is a more visual, auditory or kinesthetic experience for you. Then go through the sub modalities checklist. Make notes.

Next bring back a different kind of memory, one that you would prefer to feel better about. Note those sub modalities.


Give the second experience some of the mental qualities you had in the treasured memory. So for example, you might brighten the colors, turn up the volume, cool it down or soften the feel -- just as if you were directing a movie.

Make note of how each change affects how you feel.  More 

How can you use these mind control tips to help you in the future?

how to use these mind control tips in the future

The more you use these mind control techniques, the better you get, and the easier they work for you. It like anything else. Practice makes perfect.There are an infinite number of ways to apply them. Here are a few ideas:

1. If you are feeling low, ask yourself how you prefer to feel instead. Bring a time to mind when you felt that way and really get into the experience. Pay attention to the sub-modalities of that memory. Then visualize your day, present moment included with those same building blocks. So perhaps you may see yourself accomplishing what you want to do in a big bright picture, depending on your preferences you may adjust the volume, tone an/or kinesthetic experience.

2. You can turn up your energy level or get motivated

3. Change your attitude toward an unpleasant task that you want to avoid. (Instead of scrubbing the tub, for example, you can sparkle or freshen up the bathroom.)

I could go on, but by now you should get the picture, hear what I am saying or at the very least, have a feel for how to do use these mind control tips.

Multiply effects of mind power exercises

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