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 Auto suggestions for "Fear of …"

Dedicated to Rachel Lefebvre (1973- 2016)

Auto suggestions are easily used, in the moment, to calm anxiety and fear -- whether it is fear of flying, fear of holes, fear of wind (seriously over a thousand people each month seek help on this topic) fear of women, public speaking, or fear of God (Yes. Sadly, more people fear God than just about anything else.. almost 10,000 people a month. More about this soon...)

Fear, like dreams, are simply a scenario made by your mind (and often reinforced by others lacking in wisdom.) The more you repeat the illusion, the more real it seems.

After I was attacked during a home invasion a few months ago, I couldn’t sleep at night because I kept on imagining the attacker and playing out the assault in my mind. Though the situation was over, and I was safe in reality, the nightmare, continuously replayed in my mind causing anxiety sensations in my body. That in turn, produced a heart murmur, sleepless nights and a host of other symptoms.  

Though you may feel fear in your body it is important to realize that the feeling is an effect – not a cause. The cause is in your mind and it is in your mind that it needs to be addressed -- and corrected. Auto suggestions are simply communications between the more conscious “you” -- who knows truth-- and the reactive “you,” who identifies with the bodily feelings.  

Auto suggestions are perhaps the quickest way to boost confidence and make you feel better in any situation. Even if you find other mind power methods more effective in the long run, I recommend you use positive suggestion whenever the problem situation enters your mind. That way you will immediately counter the fearful thought with a more conscious approach preventing the fear from growing stronger.

Auto suggestions work best if they are based in your version of reality and they express an idea that you CAN believe is true. For example, if you fear flying because you are convinced the plane will crash, simply saying “the plane is safe and will not crash,” will probably not be convincing enough to your brain to change how you are feeling.  Obviously, you have created a scenario in your mind in which the plane crashes or something similar.  Simply denying it -- as false as that belief may be--  only refocuses on the problem and does nothing to diminish it.

Basic Principles for Creating Auto suggestions That Calm Anxiety and Fear

  1. Acknowledge the problem -- in perspective. Don’t deny it. Your brain cannot make this leap yet because it has seen the “pictures” you created in your imagination. Because your brain cannot distinguish the difference between what is real and what is imagined, you must begin with acknowledging your experience.
  2. Put the anxiety into the past.
  3. Give your brain a “logical” explanation for the change.
  4. Say what you want instead.
  5. Work with the sub-modalities of your visual images to change the pictures in your mind.

When I was experiencing PTSD symptoms after the assault, Rachel Lefebvre, gave me this and it worked miracles:

Anxiety used to happen when my mind became threatened by the sensation in my body when my body was becoming stronger. . .

Are sensations dangerous?

“NO SENSATIONS ARE NEVER DANGEROUS.  They are just sensations I am experiencing in the moment. “

So what?

Whatever. . . I don’t care . . . they are just sensations. I am perfectly safe.

These auto suggestions combined with treating visual sub-modalities helped me move out of fear into forgiveness -- thereby opening the door to love and healing.

 This page is lovingly dedicated to Rachel Lefebvre of Indialantic, Florida,  a beautiful soul who passed away on December 3rd 2016 at the age of 43, after a long and courageous battle with colon cancer.

Thank you, Rachel!  Though you were in a fierce battle, fighting for your life, you gave of your time and  energy to come to my home and give of yourself  though you barely knew me.   God bless your Soul and the many who mourn your loss. Namaste!

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