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Mind Healing:
The Scientifically Proven Secret Potion, that Makes it Work

When I began teaching mind healing, in the nineties to people  – including doctors from the finest hospitals in the United States – things were very different than they are today. 

I've LONG ago stopped being surprised at what’s possible with mind body healing.  But what is it that causes the power of the mind to make the body well?

We have come a long way since then, thank goodness!  

Thanks to the scientific evidence that has accumulated, relaxation techniques and mind visualization are now offered as part of the curriculum of most major universities and medical schools

It is interesting to me that despite all scientific proof some people still doubt the effectiveness of mind healing techniques. They know that placebo’s work but they don’t employ the principles to work for them in their own life.

 Just as positive power thinking can accelerate wellness, doubt and disbelief actually reverse the process.  

Years ago I interviewed the author of The Biology of Belief, cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, on my radio show. He explains how, from from a scientific point of view,  your beliefs and perceptions change  the physical structure of cells. What you believe and perceive about your world are more important to your health than the genes.

Dormant cancer genes, for example, can be activated if someone believes they will get cancer.

Here is a MUST WATCH conversation between Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton discussing this topic. It starts a little slow but you can fast forward a couple minutes. it will be worth your time, I promise.

Just as sick genes can be “activated” by mind, positive mind power can heal.

Mind Healing Methods that employ this principle

1. Guided Imagery

Since the 1970’s doctors have noticed repeatedly how so-called “guided imagery” can facilitate reduction in symptoms, even outright remission in some cases.  Back in the 70’s mind body healing was a radical notion from anyone with an MD after their name.

When people like Dr. Carl Simonton, author of Getting Well Again, pioneered an entire mind body approach to cancer treatment, the world couldn’t help but notice the results. By combining relaxation techniques with positive visualization, cancer patients, around the world, were given new hope.

The benefits of meditation for healing or specifically mind visualization exercises combined with relaxation techniques have been SO widely reported that they have become a mainstay of modern allopathic medicine.

2. Stress Reduction

Even the most BASIC stress-control  -- something as simple as closing your eyes and focusing your attention for a few minutes  -- can be SO effective at boosting immune-system function, that a well-known Harvard professor once said “that if a pill were invented which gave us this same benefit, people would line up around the block to buy it.”

Psycho-Neuroimmunology, Guided Imagery and relaxation exercises are more and more popular in Mind healing because quite simply, they work

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