Mind Body Spirit Healing:
SEVEN Principles that make it Work

Does Mind Body Spirit Healing really work?

Over the last twenty years I have witnessed hundreds of students and clients recover from life threatening illnesses with the help of mind power techniques and energy healing strategies.

Mind healing methodologies include visualization, self hypnosis, and meditation techniques, to name a few.  What I want to focus on today are the basic principles that make them all work. 

Before getting into the principles, I think it is useful to acknowledge and even appreciate skepticism.

There is still so much we don't really understand -- and so much the Western world doesn't WANT to understand about mind body spirit healing. 

Why the Mystery and myth around mind body Spirit Healing?

It is important to keep in mind that  most medical research is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies who have a lot to lose from alternative approaches to treating disease.

A few years ago I was a key note speaker at a convention in Houston, Texas. One of the other speakers happened to be Gregg Braden, a scientist who shared some provocative analytical data on consciousness and the mind-body spirit connection.  I have followed his work since.

Here is a video of him discussing collective consciousness and mind body spirit healing. In the video you will see a woman being cured of cancer in less than three minutes at a medicine-less hospital in China.  

There are various mind power techniques you can use for self healing, but the following success factors seem to always be present in the more successful cases.

SEVEN success ingredients
for mind body spirit healing

In the words of Eric Butterworth, realize that “God can do no more FOR you than he can do THROUGH you."

In other words, recognize that life is always on the side of wellness - but spirituality can only help you if you help yourself through your thoughts, your faith, your actions and your vision. If you are constantly  in a state of resistance and stress,  you are behaving in opposition to healing.

To heal, we must let go of our ideas about how we believe things should be. We have to accept the current situation,  relax, surrender and allow Spirit to work through us.

1. focus and awareness

  • Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions (please see this article for powerful autosuggestion techniques).
  • Observe what creates stress for you and make changes where appropriate. Ways to manage stress.
  • Apply the power of positive thinking.
  • Do not allow negativity to creep in.
  • See yourself as a channel of positive, divine energy. Start your day imagining healing energy flowing into your body through the crown of your head  -- from an unseen source above. See yourself filling up with so much of it that you are able to radiate some of that excess energy out though your heart. Use affirmations for healing that help you stay centered in that spiritual space of giving and receiving.
  • Learn how to do meditation and/or self hypnosis and use it on a daily basis for centering yourself.

2. Take control of your mind

Sometimes it is hard to accept bad news. It can be even harder to accept responsibility for your thoughts that contribute to a situation you don't want.

The irony is that until we come to acceptance, we cannot truly begin healing on a spiritual level. If you want a different result you must change your thinking and move out of resistance.

You are probably already familiar with the remarkable Louise Hay, a woman who cured herself from cancer and then started Hay House, now a very successful publishing company:

3. Apply the Law of Visualization.

Understand that each of us interprets the world through our own set of filters. You see what your awareness has conditioned you to see.

Or perhaps better said, you see what you believe. Visualization is a powerful mind tool for mind body spirit healing. If you create pictures in your head of worrisome thoughts, you are attracting worrisome outcomes to you. For more on this topic see Body Mind Health and the Placebo Effect.

“See” yourself in perfect health and it will be so. Be diligent about your thoughts, words, and deeds. Never allow negativity to creep in. Stay positive, joyous, and hopeful.

4. Be strong in your belief and your faith.

Don’t allow a moment of doubt. Visualization exercises will certainly help in this regard. So will some of the other mind power tools offered on this site. The power of positive thinking cannot be over-stated. Surround yourself with positive people and evidence of mind body spirit healing successes through books, videos, etc. Use positive daily affirmations to anchor your faith.  Always begin your day with positive thoughts.

5. Live in gratitude

Every morning find something to feel grateful for.  Cultivating a grateful heart is not for God’s benefit -- but for your own. It raises your consciousness and centers you in the divine flow.

I like to fall asleep at night making my way through the alphabet, finding things for each letter that I am grateful for. It is like counting sheep -- but better.

6. Practice relaxation techniques to improve YOUR immune system

Practice relaxation techniques such as hypnosis for stress relief, at least three times a day to strengthen your immune-system. Stress relief techniques are SO important  that a well-known Harvard professor once said “that if a pill were invented which gave us this same benefit, people would line up around the block to buy it.”

7. Let go of resentment: Learn how to forgive and forget

 Realize that your emotions affect your health and well being.  Let go of resentment, anger, and other negative emotions. Forgive people that have harmed you – including yourself. Open your heart to love and wellness. Most of all, be happy.  

More about Self healing:

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