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Do a self hypnosis weight loss thought experiment with me

Look down at your body and notice what it LOOKS like. Nobody has to know you are doing this, so go ahead and look VERY carefully.

Don't worry if you have love handles and a belly that you are not too fond of. Don't worry if your clothes are too big or too tight.

Just LOOK down at your body. It's a wonder of engineering, if you think about it.

So let's think about it.

Take a few moments to look carefully...

Now ask yourself THIS question...

"If I could wave a magic wand and use self hypnosis weight loss and "poof" my body was transformed... what changes would I want to see?"

If you DON'T WANT to ask this question, it is even more important that you DO. 


Because the first step to sustainable weight loss is motivation.

Your ability to "SEE" your desired outcome and notice the difference in your mind's eye, will help you push through to reaching the goal you want.

Visualization can make the use of mind power techniques easier. And mind power techniques make life easier. So, unless you want to make life harder, please work with me on this! 

  • Would you erase some flab and fat?
  • Would you tone and enhance some muscles?
  • Would your posture change?
  • Would you let go of tension and clenching?
  • Would you FEEL healthier, and more energetic?
  • Would your sex life improve?
  • Would you enjoy life more?

Now let your eyes close and SEE that body that you would like to have.

Imagine a body that is very appealing to you, picture yourself LOOKING the way you would MOST like to look. More than likely, you want other benefits from self hypnosis weight loss besides just looking great. See yourself enjoying all of those aspects in your mind's eye too.

See that picture glow. Notice how THIS version of yourself looks relaxed and at ease. In other words, a picture of you with eyes that sparkle and a smile that shines from the inside out.

Notice the outfit that this best version of you is wearing.

Notice your posture. See the way this version of yourself is breathing.

This person is YOU, looking the way that YOU want to look. Don't take my word for it though; let me prove it.

What do you think would happen if you automatically saw this image - this vibrant, healthy, gorgeous you -- EVERY time you visited, or even THOUGHT of visiting, your kitchen? What if I told you this was possible through self hypnosis weight loss. Would that affect your food choices?

What if this picture of you, the way you WANT to look and feel, automatically appeared WHENEVER you looked at a menu? You visit a fast food restaurant and --- zzzzzzip-the picture appears in your mind. You and a friend decide to order in. You look at the delivery menu and --- zzzzzzip- that picture of the gorgeous you appears.

You sit down at a restaurant, maybe a favorite restaurant where you like to "treat" yourself. What if that picture of the gorgeous you spontaneously appeared in your mind, in BIG bold, vivid, 3-D color? Would THAT affect the choices you would make?

Of COURSE it would. And it will happen when you learn and practice self hypnosis weight loss.

And what if, added to all that, you had a way to make exercise, as a daily activity, more compelling than you can possibly imagine?

Would that make a huge difference to how you look and feel? You bet it would.

And to be clear, I am not talking about some rah-rah, boot camp, "just get motivated," "just get out there" slogan approach.

self hypnosis weight loss

Weight reduction will happen MOST easily when you find the command center in charge of your food intake. Self hypnosis for weight loss will help you do that.

Fitness will happen when you take actions to change your physiology by finding the command center of your exercise motivation: Self hypnosis weight loss will help you to do that as well.

Of course, this can't REALLY happen unless it happens automatically, and it can ONLY happen automatically if the part of your mind that blinks your eyes and digests your food would MAKE this happen without you thinking about it. And that is what self hypnosis weight loss helps you do.

I also like to use other mind power techniques to help AUTOMATE YOUR NEW BEHAVIORS. One of my favorites is the NLP habit change technique that I include in the Mind to Succeed Weight Loss System, Thin, Fit Fabulous You.

No matter WHAT you have done in the past, no matter WHAT your parents looked like, or whether your "genes" are making you fat, or any other THEORY of why you are not in shape, self hypnosis for weight loss and the mind to succeed weight loss system, Thin, Fit Fabulous You, can give you an EXPERIENCE of change that works, REALLY works.

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