My favorite Sleep Hypnosis Technique:

It is a good idea to KNOW an effective sleep hypnosis technique given how important sleep is for your well being.

And the truth is that 60% of us have trouble sleeping.  Learning mind power techniques that can help you fall asleep that is easy to remember is like knowing CPR. You never know when you will need it but you feel blessed when you do.

My favorite sleep hypnosis technique uses color and moves through the spectrum from red to violet.

Color Visualization Sleep Hypnosis Technique

In progression the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet or if you prefer, lilac. (If you know anything about chakras you will notice that the progression starts at the color of the root chakra and ends with the crown chakra.)

Self Hypnosis Sleep Process

1. Induce self hypnosis or simply relax deeply, lying down in a comfortable position you can easily fall asleep from.

2. Deepen with progressive relaxation or another self hypnosis technique of your choosing.

3. With your eyes staying closed, tell yourself that by the time you get to violet – the last color – you will be ready for deep, healthy sleep.

4. Visualize the color red—the inside of a water melon, a red apple, a red rose, a red sport car – anything that can help you visualize the color red and hold it in your mind for a few seconds. Tell yourself “I am going down to orange, by the time I get to violet I will be ready for deep sleep.”

5. Visualize the color orange. Bring to mind an orange, the inside of a mango, pumpkin or any object that makes it easy for you to visualize orange. Then tell yourself: “I am going to yellow. By the time I get to violet I will be ready for deep sleep. “

6. Visualize the color yellow. Bring to mind a lemon, banana or any object that makes it easy for you to visualize yellow. Tell yourself: “I am going down to green. By the time I get to violet I will be ready for deep sleep. “

7. Visualize the color green. Bring to mind green pastures, lettuce, spinach,  or any object that makes it easy for you to visualize green. Tell yourself: “I am going to blue. By the time I get to violet I will be ready for deep sleep. “

8. Visualize the color blue. Bring to mind a blue sky, blue light, swimming pool, or any object that makes it easy for you to visualize blue. Tell yourself: “I am going to violet. When I see violet, I will fall asleep.”

9. Visualize violets or a bush of lilacs, or any object that color. Sweet dreams!

As long as you remember the general mind power technique, knowing the first and last color is really all you need to remember because the ones in between form a natural progression through the color spectrum.

Typically you will fall asleep before you get to the end of the color spectrum. Remember that is the goal. Don’t try to get to the end of the exercise.

Please read my article on self  hypnosis for sleep for best results with this sleep hypnosis process. If sleep hypnosis doesn't work for you,doesn't work some people will want to go immediately to sleep medication but you should first find out if a sleep aid pill is something you should even consider.

If you find that you are still too stressed or anxious to sleep, please see links to articles at the bottom of this page. You might find them helpful.

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