Daily Positive Affirmations List
And How to Write Your Own

Daily positive affirmations can get you and your day off to a great start.  If you want to make changes in your life, including positive self-talk in your daily routine helps to redirect your mind toward your goal. 

That is because most of us, quite unconsciously, are  victims of our own negative programming. The use of daily positive affirmations helps you counter the negative self-talk, with positive ideas. And if you doubt the power of positive thinking, check out my article on Building a Positive self Image.

It is important to realize that reciting from a daily positive affirmation list won’t, in itself, change your circumstances.

What it CAN do  is help you change your negative self-talk and counter false beliefs – old conditioning--  sabotaging your progress.

When you change your negative self-talk and beliefs or fears that hold you back, you change your thinking.

When you learn how to think positive, your self-image will naturally improve.  As a result you will act differently and your circumstances will naturally change as well.

Reprogramming your brain

Your brain is like a very sophisticated computer processing information at over a million bits per second. 

The words you say and the thoughts you think create the “software” of your mind which ultimately determine your behavior.

What good is it to program your “computer” with  Daily Positive Affirmations for self esteem for a few MINUTES in the day -- when for several HOURS of the day, you are thinking negatively and calling yourself names like “stupid,” “fat” or worse?

Don't get me wrong, repeating daily positive affirmations, is a good practice but you also want to watch ALL your self talk. Also consider learning self hypnosis to program those affirmations at deeper levels of mind.

How to write positive affirmations:

  1. Always phrase your affirmations in the present tense such as “I am…” “I feel…” NEVER: “I will” or “I am going to.”
  2. Always phrase your affirmation in the positive way for example “I am always on time” rather than “I am never late”
  3. Be clear and concise
  4. Suspend doubt – create a feeling of belief and intensity when repeating your affirmations
  5.  Focus on creating something new rather than changing your feelings. In other words accept that you have done the best you could with your emotional state, level of knowledge and awareness that you have had. Now as you expand your consciousness and your approach to life, you can create a life that is richer, better, more fulfilling.

Daily Positive Affirmations List for Joy and Happiness

  • Every day and in every way I am getting better and better
  • I am abundantly joyful and happy
  • I am so grateful for my life
  • I find beauty and joy in ordinary things
  • My life is a joy. I relax easily and open myself up to delightful surprises
  • My life is a joy filled with love, fun and friendship
  • I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.
  • I am free, and always have been. Experiences that made me feel like a victim were only experiences that appeared and disappeared in the arena of consciousness that I am

List of positive affirmations for Personal Growth

  • I remember myself as the master that I am, the master I have always been.
  • I know I have mastery over my life by how still I can keep my mind and how alert I am in the now.
  • I am clear, untouched, and unharmed by all that I have experienced in my life.
  • I use my power lovingly when I have influence over others
    Affirmations for Personal Growth
  • I remember myself as the master that I am, the master I have always been.
  • I know I have mastery over my life by how still I can keep my mind and how alert I am in the now.
  • I am clear, untouched, and unharmed by all that I have experienced in my life.
  • I use my power lovingly when I have influence over others

Affirmations for Peace and Harmony

  • I am as God created me.
  • As I become more and more aware of myself as eternal consciousness, I become more peaceful and at ease with all that happens in my life.
  • Physical reality reflects this peace back to me.
  • Everything in my life is exactly should be
  • My relationships are loving and harmonious
  • I am at peace. I trust in the process of life
  • I am connected to divine love and wisdom.
  • I am harmonious and at peace regardless of my surroundings
  • My life is blossoming in perfection
  • I use my emotions, thoughts and challenges to lead me to deeper, more interesting places within myself.
  • I am grateful for all that I am
  • I feel God's love within me - and all around me
  • I am a channel for loving peaceful energy
  • I radiate with loving kindness and life mirrors that back to me

More About Positive Power Thinking

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