The Role Subconscious Mind Power Plays in Your life and What to Do About it

Let’s look at the role subconscious mind power plays in your life:

Have you ever felt stopped by some inexplicable feeling that holds you back from pursuing something you REALLY want to do?

Maybe there was an important call to make, or a project that you needed to complete but SOMEHOW – for SOME reason you can’t explain – you just didn’t get it done? Even though you would have been happier if you got it done?

It might be a belief that you are not good enough, capable or deserving. It might be a fear of rejection or abandonment that is controlling you.

Some people run on programs that create internal conflict with what they want and need. Perhaps a conflict like you can’t have both love and money -- or that money is the root of all evil.

Or you say you WANT to be thin and fit but you don’t get enough exercise and you eat the wrong foods anyway.

Or you WANT to be wealthy and prosperous but you squander your resources and manage your money poorly.  

Yes, sure, you KNOW better in all of these cases.

But for some reason, you don’t actually DO better.

Guess what? That inexplicable power, that saboteur, controller, torturer, is the invisible behind-the-scenes director of your life: your subconscious mind power.

But before you run away, lose hope or hide under your bed. Know that that part of you is not INTENTIONALLY trying to ruin your life, it is just directing a script that it was GIVEN. To change the behavior, all you need to do, is give it a different script.

Meet Your Subconscious Mind Power

All too often your conscious mind wants to pursue the goal or make the change, but your subconscious mind power has a different idea because the script says something else.So instead of playing the scenes the way you want them, it sabotages your efforts.

Most people know what they need to DO to be successful, have good relationships or lose excess weight. Their conscious minds can tell them all the reasons why. It can even detail how to make it happen. Yet, for some unconscious reason, they don’t or can’t.

Those unconscious reasons are governed by your subconscious mind power.

To understand how these processes work, it’s helpful to know something about how the mind operates.

If your Subconscious mind is directing your life, who is controlling it?

Every second, approximately 400 billion bits of  information are flooding into your nervous system, even when you sleep.

You process this information through your internal senses: pictures you create in your head, sounds you hear inside, feelings, smells and tastes. Most people also have internal dialog or conversations with themselves.

Consciously we can only process about 5% of all this data. The rest has to be dealt with some other way!

That is why in order to manage the billions of bits of information you receive on a daily basis; your unconscious mind employs three efficiency strategies to avoid perceptual overload. 

 These strategies are:

1) Deletion (example: you are deeply engrossed in a book and you are oblivious when someone asks you a question.)

2) Generalizing (Example: You learn how a door opens, then assume that all doors will open that way.)

3) Distortions (Examples: It says No Fat, therefore it’s good for you. Or you believe you don’t look good, so when someone gives you a compliment, you think, “They are just saying that to make me feel better.”)

So what does this have to do with subconscious mind power?

Your past experiences -- coupled with your beliefs ABOUT those experiences – together make a unique subconscious filter through which you move into your future.  That filter DECIDES what gets deleted, what gets distorted, and what comes through into your conscious awareness.

If you are hardwired to be attracted to the “wrong person,” those filters will do the job, by filtering out people who don’t fit the subconscious criteria. If you are hardwired to see great opportunities, those filters will make sure they come into your awareness -- or not. If there is a belief that only bad things happen to you, those filters will produce those experiences for you.Get the picture?

The problem for most people, is that their subconscious mind power filters are literally hardwired to maintain the status quo, often unconsciously deleting, distorting and generalizing information to make it fit their existing world view.

Your brain LOVES the status quo. It KNOWS what to expect from life exactly the way it is. To your brain, change is, well, not something it wants to do.

This is why a door can clearly be marked and “pull” and yet you will “push.” It is why three people can experience the same event and have completely different stories about what happened.

It is also why some people have such a difficult time changing their minds about something they already believe – even if the evidence points to a different conclusion.

It is how a lot of prejudices get ingrained in people – prejudices not just about other people or about the world, but about YOUR OWN abilities and aptitudes.

But Wait! There is Good News!

The good news is that just as your subconscious mind power can hold you back from accomplishing your goals and living the life you want, it can also propel you forward. That is what mind power techniques like auto-hypnosis can help you do.

Your brain, until now, was hardwired to pay attention only to those examples which matched your existing limits, but now you can stop ignoring all those facts and details – one after another -- which prove that a better more powerful way of living is available to you now. You can learn to unlock your subconscious mind power, you can learn mind power techniques and you can start now. More.

More On Subconscious Mind Power

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