Self-Hypnosis Motivation Techniques: Motivational Matrix and Code-words

Motivation techniques can be very useful no matter how self directed you are. Especially when you are pursuing big long-term goals. (To see why having 10-year goals are important, read this article)

If you have been around as long as I have, you know that regardless of how focused and fabulous you are, the journey to your big, hairy, audacious goals will  involve uphill climbs, hazardous turns and perhaps even a few descents into darkness. Rather than scare you, let this knowledge PREPARE you: learn motivation techniques now that can give you the momentum to push through whatever comes your way.

Think of  getting to your big goals like you would a long road trip. Surprises are part of the experience so embrace them, but take care of what you CAN control: a good working engine, a GPS and a full tank of gas. Motivation is the fuel that moves you forward.  If you carry working knowledge of good motivation techniques with you, you can fill up your tank, free of charge, whenever you run low on gas.

Motivation Techniques for Reaching Long-Term Goals

Visualization doesn't work for everyone

You've probably heard motivational speakers talk about the importance of visualization when it comes to accomplishing your goals. But that strategy alone doesn't work for everyone.

People who respond to typical visualization techniques tend to be predominantly visual and conceptual by nature, as well as motivated in the direction of goals (rather than away from problems) in the specific context in which they are working. So we are talking about less than 20% of the population who would fit into all these categories. 

However if you integrate the motivational matrix, and include audio and kinsesthetic cues with in the visualization process, you will exponentially increase the effectiveness of those types of motivation techniques. 

1. The Motivation Matrix Technique

The motivation matrix technique is especially helpful for "why" people-- who are mostly driven by meaning.

The motivation matrix gets you to identify what is important to you about reaching your goals and why THAT reason is important eight down to your core values. 

At the same time the matrix forces you to look at the consequences of NOT meeting your goals-- the worst case scenario ---and why it is important for that NOT to happen.

Once you create and use the motivational matrix  consistently, it is like being inside a big web that moves with you, away from painful consequences and toward what you want by reminding you of your WHY.

You might ask: if your goals are important, wouldn't you remember WHY?

Good question.

The truth is that we all get busy and lose sight of our big long-term goals. When we do, those goals turn into forgotten dreams. In my coaching practice, I am constantly reminding clients of their "why."

 “Law of Attraction” enthusiasts  reading this article are probably ready to have a cow because of their resistance to  "pain" part of the motivation matrix. To them I say: science is on my side.

In any given context, only about 20% of the population are all the way over on the pleasure side of motivation i.e. goal-oriented.  Another 20% of the population will only get their butts in gear by fearing the consequences or pain of NOT carrying out the desired behavior. The other 60% do better with some combination of the two. What good are motivation techniques if they only work for a small percentage of people?

How to create your Motivational Matrix

1. Define the desired Outcome or problem you want to solve

State the goal or problem you wish to solve. Examples:

2.  Define the meaning of success

Why is achieving this goal important to you? What would it look/sound like? Who would benefit and why? How would succeeding make you feel?

3. Why is that important to you?

Write down your answers to the following: 

  • What is important to me about accomplishing this? 
  • Why is that (your answer to above) important?
  • Because?

4. Clarify the Consequences of Failure

Write your answers down to all these questions:

  • What are the worst possible consequences of not achieving the goal or solving the problem?
  • Why is that (the above) unacceptable?
  • Who would suffer and how?
  • What would that say to the world and the people you care about?
  • How would manifesting this worse-case scenario make you feel?

Depending on where you fall on the motivational direction scale, some of your answers to this question may the same or similar to the previous section.

The Matrix and Code-Word Motivation Techniques can be used alone or you can combine them for a remarkably effective strategy.

Code-Word Motivation Technique

code-word instructions

1.    Write out a statement affirming the new behavior or goal.
2.    Begin your statement with: "Because I . . ." or "Because its important to me to . . ."  (this will force you to address your motivators)
3.    In addition to stating all the reasons for the new behavior), be very specific about the outcomes you want.
4.    Leave out nothing, and deal with all "what ifs".  Explore each thought fully, and you are likely to gain valuable insights. Here are some examples:
A client of mine, "Jane," was writing out a statement for weight reduction and the thought occurred to her: "What if I look great, and Jim leaves me?" We explored the underlying feelings and thoughts. Her fear was that her empowerment would perpetuate her husband's feelings of insecurity. 
5.    Fully explores the desired outcome. The statement should be in the present tense (I am . . .) and it should define the benefits of the new behavior as well as the results.
6.    Use affirmations.
7.    After writing out your statement, give it a code word.
8.    The statement should end with "all these concepts and ideas come to me whenever I think of the code-word . . ."
9.    Read the entire statement aloud at least three times with feeling and concentration.
10.    To program with self-hypnosis, get into state and and repeat the code word. Notice the shift.
11.    Use the code daily to reinforce your programming.

example of Code Word Motivation Technique statement

Because I love life and it is important to me to look and feel great, I enjoy health habits that keep me fit and thin. I eat whatever I want and maintain my perfect weight, though I naturally prefer foods that keep me in great shape.

I eat only when I am hungry and limit my portions to those that my body needs. I eat slowly and appreciatively and feel satisfied after meals. I reward myself by taking long walks on the beach or nice hot baths. I manage my stress well by taking time each day to go to my alpha zone. I use my learned techniques to overcome emotional impulses and negative behaviors immediately. These impulses pass quickly and occur less and less frequently as time continues.
It is important to me to give and receive love from my children and grandchildren for as long as possible. I eat right and exercise regularly.

These behaviors give me the energy I need to live life fully in every way.
Because I am attracting my ideal mate into my life, I choose to look my best.  I radiate with health and vitality. I look and feel sexy and slender. I am admired and respected by others. It is fun and exciting to be so attractive.

I am physically fit and radiantly beautiful. This enriches my life and helps me realize my full potential as a human being. Having control over my physical body empowers me; consequently I have more control over my life.

All these concepts and ideas come to me whenever I think of the code word "thin."

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