Mind programming
to clear your track for Success

Charles Babbage, 1860

The notion of mind programming  or reprogramming your brain is inspired by the invention of the programmable computer, by Charles Babbage, an English mathematician in the 1800’s.

Babbage was the inventor of the programmable computer and all of our PC technology is modeled after his work.

Another remarkable invention of Charles Babbage in the 1800's  was a device used by locomotives, called a pilot.

Mind Programming metaphors to change your life

A pilot, also called a cow catcher, is a gadget that goes on the front of a locomotive, so that the train, while traveling on a track, can scoop up and off to one side, whatever is on the track. 

This keeps the rail safer, it keeps the train moving safely along, and it keeps those things off the track that belong somewhere else. 

 As I mentioned in my article on NLP Hypnosis Techniques and Timeline Therapy, a very important aspect of mind programming is to remove negative associations, irrational fears and limiting beliefs that block you. And if possible you want to remove those blocks from your whole timeline.  

In the Clear Your Track For Success mind programming exercise,  I use the metaphor of a pilot on the front of a locomotive to help you sort and transform the events of your life in a very useful way.

You are guided to clear your entire timeline so you can auto-pilot your way to the outcomes you want. It is pretty cool. And it is a very potent subconscious mind power technique.

Mind Programming exercise to put your success on Auto-pilot

  1. Use hypnosis or self hypnosis to get into a deep, relaxed state.
  2. Imagine all the events of your life in a line from the moment of your conception. The past is behind you and the line continues in front of you into your future.
  3. Disassociate so that you can imagine this line from above the track – with you looking down at it.
  4. Visualize a locomotive that has a pilot in the front that scoops up and over to one side all obstacle  to your progress.
  5. As you move forward the pilot scoops up and over to one side, any association from the past that is in conflict with your success-- any uncomfortable, fearful or upsetting past events that may stop you from achieving the outcomes you want now. These events could be perceptions, conversations or episodes that made you afraid, or caused you to have thoughts, feelings, beliefs or ideas that are in conflict with the outcomes you want to create now.
  6. Safely remove whatever parts (and only the parts that need to be cleared) that are blocking the progress of your highest and best good for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being.
  7. You will keep all the learning and benefit from the experiences without the unnecessary limitations.
  8. Imagine entering the track from the moment, before conception and moving forward.
  9. The pilot in front of you scoops up and over any and all obstacles that produces anything other than a clear track for you to be as healthy, whole, happy and successful as you can be.
  10. Allow your unconscious mind to scoop only those moments that can be scooped over safely and that are in your highest and best good
  11. When you get to the present moment, let your eyes open briefly, look around then close your eyes. 
  12. In front of you is your supportive, pleasurable and obstacle-free timeline and the line of uncomfortable events is away from you to the side.
  13. “Over there” on that other line notice a bungee cord. This cord is anchored to the beginning of that other line, the line of obstacles, and it's stretched all the way to the front end of that line.
  14. Allow your awareness to move over, so that your back is to the line of uncomfortable events and you are facing forward with the line of obstacles behind you.
  15. Feel the bungee cord attach very safely and securely to your back, you’ll feel that it really wants to pull you back, but don’t do it yet.
  16. This bungee cord will zip you back through time, backwards through every obstacle very quickly, to before the beginning of this line.
  17. Notice the bungee cord on the ground between you and the beginning of the line.
  18. Let your awareness move over now to your cleared track to success.
  19. Step in at the moment of conception, enjoy and appreciate it fully.
  20. Move forward through time, enjoying more fully and appreciating the enjoyment even more as you move forward through time, all the way to the present moment.
  21. Repeat the process below until you feel it is complete
  22. Use future pacing for mind programming successes into the future..

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