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Self Motivation Techniques
using Mind Visualization

Self motivation techniques are really about controlling the pictures and association you make in your mind with your desired goal.

If you are looking for workout motivation for example, and your self talk and/or pictures in your mind are consumed with the discomfort you feel when you are working out – or you are thinking of something more pleasurable you could be doing instead – you are probably not going to motivated to workout.

If you are the type of person who is motivated more by pleasure than by pain, making a strong picture in your head of how that workout will benefit you – how good you will look, how great you feel, the positive things people will say about you – chances are you will have workout motivation. Especially if you combine those mental pictures with self hypnosis and  strong affirmations for health and fitness.

If your motivational profile in the context of exercise motivation tends to be what we call “away from” – meaning that you are more easily motivated by discomfort in that context,  you also need to control the pictures in your mind and the voices in your head. But in your case, the good “outcome” alone,  won’t be enough to get you to the gym.

Instead you want to make pictures in your mind of how bad you will look and feel if you don’t go exercise. Imagine people you respect making negative comments. Sorry, you have to create pain for you to be motivated...Then compare that scenario with the how great you will look and feel – and what the people you admire will say about you if you do make a habit of regular exercise.  Then make a clear choice....

Mind Visualization Technique for Self-Motivation:

  • Select a specific achievable outcome you want to accomplish or a situation for the purpose of applying your new self motivation techniques.  It could be a goal or a new habit such as getting up earlier at the morning and being enthusiastic about the day.
  • Enter the Alpha level with self hypnosis or other relaxation exercise and deepen to your desired level.
  • Then…imagine the problem  situation -- you want to change -- on a small black and white TV screen to observe and acknowledge it.
  • Notice the problems and discomfort this situation creates.
    Noticing THESE details, of the pain this is causing in your life, will increase motivation form most people.

When applying self motivation techniques use all your internal senses

  • Then…fade out that image until it disappears completely and…in bright color imagine a compelling scene of you accomplishing your goal.
  • Allow your mind to make whatever adjustments are necessary so that this is JUST the way you want it. Imagine all the benefits that come from that outcome…
  • Use positive affirmations to reinforce programming.
  • Then feel…in your imagination…stepping INTO the image now and feel how it feels. Hear good things others are saying about you.
  • Imagine yourself going through time – in different situations where perhaps this issue had been a problem for you, and notice what else changes for the better as you do this

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