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Personal Development Plan 

Do you really need a personal development plan? What if you are already  a student of mind power techniques, isn't that enough? 

Let me tell you what happened to friends of mine, a young family from  Washington D.C.

The husband planned a weekend get-a-away to a cabin in the woods, two hours north. The plan was for the wife to pick up her daughter from school and meet the husband at the cabin before dark.

Two hours into the road trip, the sun was beginning to set but nothing looked or sounded familiar. The landmarks her hubby had given her weren't anywhere to be seen...

Long story short, she had relied on her GPS to get her to her destination. She "hadn't had time" to look at a map (or check the address.)  When she entered the destination in her GPS before leaving home, she left out a small, yet critical, piece of information. The GPS was leading her to the address she had requested -- in another state. Her GPS did what she asked it to do and she drove two hours in the WRONG direction!

Life is too short for you to leave your dreams to chance!

As Benjamin Franklin put it:

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

In my teachings, I talk a lot about the power of visualization. Writing  a personal development plan for yourself will give you a road map to visualize so that you reach your goals easier -- with a lot less hassle and a lot less stress.

Having a personal development plan will make you smile

By thinking things through and visualizing your path, you will avoid many mistakes along the way.  

5 Step Formula for Creating a 
Personal Development Plan

1. Know your starting point.  The first step to creating a personal development plan is get a true assessment of where you are at now.  When coaching my business clients, we call this part of the planning process a SWOT analysis where we assess the company or individual's strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities and threats. When it comes to personal development, look at all the areas in your life. Think about what makes you happy -- and what of those things you already have. Always remember to give attention and appreciation to the good things in your life that are already there so that you keep them

2. Set SMART Goals. Where do you want to be three years from now? What do you want to do, be, have? Look at your life - spiritually, mentally, physically. Consider your job, your career, relationships, interests,  hobbies and toys. Set goals for yourself in each of those areas. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measureable, actionable, realistic and time focused.

3. Bridge the GAP between where you are now and where you want to be with a PLAN. What skills, resources, learnings do you need, to help you get where you want to go? Make a list and consider what the investment of time and money might be in order for you to acquire those resources. Where appropriate add the resources to to your list of goals.

4. Break your bigger goals down into smaller ones.  Your goals should be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time bound. You may have many goals but choose the three to five most important ones. Look at each of your important goals one at a time. To make that goal happen -- where do you need to be one year from now? Set your one-year goal for that objective. Then ask. "where do I need to be in one year from now to make this goal happen?"  Do the same thing for your six-month goal,  90-day goal and finally your 30-day goal. In this way you will have milestones for each of the major objectives you want to achieve.

5. Set your mind on your goals. Use Mind Visualization in a relaxed focused state. Consider learning self hypnosis or meditation for mind programming. Above all , stay positive and motivated.

A personal development plan,

combined with self hypnosis

and mind visualization will

get you to your goals quicker --

in a relaxed, focused state.  

Ask yourself:  what can self hypnosis do for me

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