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live your life purpose,
regardless of job or circumstance:
3 Important lessons

Often people think that to live your life purpose means having to do some extraordinary work. People think of the rich and famous-- someone finding a cure for cancer, a glamorous movie star, or a best-selling author – but really, even the most ordinary people in the most mundane jobs have an opportunity to live a fulfilling life that has meaning and purpose.

On the other side of the spectrum,  when you look at movie stars or famous billionaires -- the ones that really seem to be living a life of purpose -- are mostly the ones  who use their wealth, their stature, their position to do meaningful charitable work that has nothing to do with their careers. Their fame, success, riches simply provide them the means and the forum to fulfill their destiny and make contributions that really make a difference.

Coincidentally right before recording the Life Purpose Connection audio program,  I had a personal experience that caused me to add another module to the work. It demonstrated loud and clear,  that you can always find a way to live your life purpose – regardless of job or circumstance.

I was taking a trip out of town and had to use the ladies room at an airport. . . 

Live your Life Purpose Lesson #1:
It is not the job you do --
but the attitude you do it with

The place was packed with women and I figured I would have to wait quite a while for my turn. As soon as I looked around, I noticed that the restroom had a sparkle to it. It was clean and fresh and everyone was smiling.

Then I heard a cheerful female voice bursting out like a ray of sunshine: “Step right up here beautiful lady, I have a seat for you.”

It took a minute to realize that that that voice came from a restroom attendant dressed in a crisp janitor uniform – and SHE was speaking to ME!

“There is no need to wait for a space at Valerie’s place,” she said while motioning me to an open stall.  “Come here dear, here is a clean seat just for you…”

“Step right up her Ma'am," I heard her say to another traveler “Oooh, you are going to feel so much better AFTER you take that seat so YOU may as well start smiling right NOW.”

Then she burst into the song “You are my sunshine.”

If you ever wondered what it looks or sounds like to live your life purpose, think of Valerie. Many of us couldn’t IMAGINE a worse job than having to clean restrooms every day, all day. And yet Valerie uses that job to make people’s lives better.

 “What makes you so happy Valerie?” I asked.

“I am happy to be alive and I am happy to have a job where each and every day, I have an opportunity to make so many people smile. Everyone that comes in here leaves smiling,” she said. “After that it’s up to them....It is not the job you do, but the attitude you do it with…”

What a lesson for all of us!

life Purpose Lesson #2
purpose equals  profits

In the restroom where Valerie was fulfilling her life purpose cleaning toilets, there were jars strategically placed  between the rows of sparkling sinks.

Almost every person I saw come into that restroom, HAPPILY left her a dollar or two. Valerie is probably doing very well financially, though I doubt THAT was her major goal.

 Lesson #3
Regardless of your job,
you can live your life purpose

Your JOB and your LIFE PURPOSE may NOT be one and the same thing. On the OTHER hand, you MAY be like Valerie, expressing your life’s purpose in everything you do.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Valerie had gone through some life changing event – what I like to call a “Trial by Fire” experience, one of the three ways people typically find life purpose.

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