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Mindful Meditation Helps
Let go of Resentment and Pain

If you know something about mindful meditation, you may be curious as to how you can use it to let go of resentment and/or pain. That is because the purpose of mindfulness is simply to be fully present in the moment with total acceptance of whatever is going on – without resistance.

It is very different from other types of meditation where the goal may be to cause a change of state -- like that of relaxation, healing or heightened state of consciousness.

Mindfulness is about being in the moment, fully feeling whatever is going on – and being okay with it. 

So now you may be asking:

“How does that help me let go of my pain?”

It seems counter intuitive, but whether it is emotional pain or physical pain, resistance intensifies the discomfort and makes it stronger.

It is not easy to do, but when you learn how to relax into it, you will get relief.  And your awareness of your feelings – and what got you there – will help you stop perpetuating the behavior that causes you suffering.

The practice is very transformative and the techniques are being shared in some of the finest hospitals in the country to alleviate the suffering of people for whom modern medicine has no solutions

Mindfulness and Physical Pain

This video shows Healing and the Mind, author, Bill Moyers interviewing Jo Kabat-Zin, Ph.D at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. They discuss the use mindfulness and relaxation techniques to alleviate chronic pain.

When we think we are the feeling, the feeling controls us. But when we realize it is just a feeling, we can learn from it and then take steps to heal it.

Mindful Meditation and Emotional Pain

I have used this process (combined with a few extra steps) very successfully to free myself of emotional pain that has been with me since childhood. I have also used it to expand good feelings such gratitude.

In this video, Oprah Winfrey interviews Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, a book I highly recommend.

The Basic Mindful Meditation Practice

The goal of the practice is to become aware of your thoughts without engaging in them.

To start a Mindful Mediation practice, begin in a state of openness. It may help you to recall a time when you were really open, or perhaps look at, or visualize a big blue sky for a moment.

Begin the meditation by focusing on your breath for a few moments to center you. 

Then simply observe your thoughts as if you were watching autumn leaves floating on the wind. If and when you find yourself engaged in the mind chatter instead of observing, come back to your breath and begin the process again.

 Mindful Meditation is the practice of being in the present and becoming aware of your thoughts without engaging in them or making any judgments.

To start a Mindful Meditation practice, begin by focusing on your breath. Then simply observe your thoughts as if you were watching autumn leaves floating on the wind.

It is helpful to use your breath as an anchor throughout the mindful meditation session. and using it as an anchor as you become aware of your thoughts without engaging in them.

ocean sky

You can also use this practice of expansion to cultivate good feelings such as, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation and loving kindness.

Mindful Meditation to Expand and Cultivate Positive Feelings

  • Think of someone or something that you can feel gratitude for.

  • On the inhale breathe in the feeling and on the exhale send it out to that person, experience, or thing that you appreciate.

  • Continue to breath in the feeling of gratitude and on the exhale send it out to another person.

  • Do the same for yourself.

  • Continue the exercise, expanding your appreciation by sending it out to more and more people and/or sentient beings.

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