Silva Meditation: Instructions and Access to Guided Audios

This Silva Meditation section is designed as a resource for my past students who want help with their practice --  and for those who want affordable guided audios to assist in the use of the Silva mind power techniques.

If you are reading this page, you probably already know what an awesome difference these mind tools can make in your life. I am delighted to be at your service and help you use them to live your life by design.

A Little Perspective

 Silva meditation is a dynamic meditation method that is probably more like a sophisticated form of auto-hypnosis, than what people typically think of, as meditation. The Silva Method is filled with mind power techniques that are often applied in a deep, relaxed and focused state. (Some of the techniques are designed to be used in normal every-day activity to help access a heightened state of consciousness.)

More about the method and training here.

Because I taught the Silva Meditation Method for twenty years or so, I still get calls from past students asking for instructions and affordable access to guided audios. Hence, this page :-)

The Long Relax and Silva Meditation Anchors

There is a reason for practicing the Long Relax Silva Meditation Exercise that goes beyond the obvious immediate benefits of stress relief, mental clarity and a sense of well being.

The guided meditation helps you to establish and reinforce the anchors that help you “go to level” in seconds.

The term “go to level” in Silva practice, refers to the Alpha level. You can read more about Alpha state of mind here.
The anchors are:

  • The number 5 = Eye lid fatigue
  • The number 4 = Eyes closed
  • The number 3 = Physical relaxation
  • The number 2 = Mental Relaxation
  • The number 1 = The Basic Plane level

What is the Basic Plane Level?

Because we are more open, receptive with access to more of our minds (i.e. our subconscious and the beliefs it holds,) we use the basic plane level in Silva meditation to do our “programming” – to focus on our goals or generate solutions for problems that we probably would never come up with using our “Beta” (logical) brain only. 

Triggering the Silva Meditation 3 to 1 Anchors

After you have practiced the instructions in the guided Long Relax audio a few times, you can get to a deep level of mind by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and while exhaling, mentally visualizing and repeating the number three, three times.

Then doing same thing with number two, and then one. Please note, it is the conditioning and the setting of the anchors in the long relax that makes this quick alpha shift possible.

People who have been doing auto-hypnosis for years, without this technique will typically take 15-20 minutes to achieve the same state that Silva practitioners get to in 30 seconds.

Get the long relax here for limited time offer of only $9.
[or get all the guided audios on this page for $20.)

Silva Programming And The Mirror Of the Mind Technique

The Mirror Of the Mind Technique

The Mirror of the Mind technique is used in Silva Meditation to “program” outcomes or goals that you want to achieve.

  • Go to level with the 3 to 1 method and deepen
  • The first time you work on a problem, make a study of it by looking at it in a mirror with a blue frame
  • When you have studies the problem, move the mirror to the left and allow the problem image to disappear.
  • Change the mirror’s frame from blue to white.
  • Project the solution image into the white frame mirror. Focus on that image for as long as it feels “right” to do so. Keeping the image dynamic and moving will help you focus longer. Engage as many senses as you can.
  • Mentally say “this or something better for the greater good of all concerned.”
  • From this point forward, use only the white-framed solution image. Do not focus on the problem image again.

These audio downloads guide you through the Mirror of the Mind, Mind Power Technique. This audio was produced at the request of my Silva Method students who want to make the most of their meditation practice. There are four exercises on this audio:

  • •    A 15-minute exercise
  • •    A 10-minute exercise
  • •    Two 5-minute exercises - for days when your time is limited.

All of these exercises guide you through the application of the Mirror of the Mind  for problems solving and goal manifestation. The longer, 15-minute exercise also takes you to your Mental Laboratory and is recommended for daily practice.

Holoviewing Theta Technique Guided Meditation Audio for Manifesting

This powerful and inspiring Theta meditation guides you through the Silva Meditation Holoviewing Technique.

In this guided meditation audio, you are guided through a holographic experience for solving important problems and manifesting significant goals.

This formula mind power technique is ideal for situations where you know WHAT outcomes you want and need some guidance on HOW to proceed. It is recommended that you practice this guided exercise right before sleep for maximum effect.

More On Subconscious Mind Power

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