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The Power Of Subconscious Mind

How does the power of subconscious mind really work?  How important is it REALLY to your happiness and success in life?

The best way to demonstrate the power of subconscious mind, is with a thought experiment: 

Imagine (heaven forbid) everything you own is taken from you. 


No computer, no job, no home, no car, no business.

No friends, family or colleagues either.


ZZZZAAAP, you wake up with nothing but the clothes you have on now, and there you are.  In a garbage dump surrounded by a heap of trash.

You wake up, realize where you are, and then...

What would you do first? Yeah, I know, you would get OUT of the garbage. But THEN what would you do?

How - EXACTLY - would you recreate your lifestyle the way you had it before?

Or would you? Maybe you would create a new and better lifestyle?

Probably not, but you darn sure wouldn't STAY there, saying something to yourself about how this is your 'new' reality. Instead, some impulse inside of you would say, "This isn't who I am or how I should be living!" 

That impulse would - somehow - carry you out and into a non-stop process of change that would really be automatic.

I mean, there would be work involved - you'd have to get the food and shelter somehow - but you wouldn't have to "get yourself" to take action.

You wouldn't need a stack of Tony Robbins motivational tapes to keep you focused on your 'goals', that's for certain. The power of subconscious mind would be driving you as fast as it could to create a reality that looks like your life BEFORE the garbage dump. 

It wouldn't be long before you got a new place to live, similar to the one you had before. A new TV, phone, clothes just the ones you had. You would be using your same favorite shampoo, drinking your favorite beverage  - just the way you did before.  

That impulse would drive you to the same income level, the same level of comfort and happiness you had before...

Then it would STOP!!!

Why Does The Power Of Subconscious Mind Limit your life?

Of course there are always exceptions -- I will explain what they are later- but  here's my question... How would "It" know when to stop?

The power of subconscious mind would RE-create your life the SAME way it was, but not any more than the way it was.

So you'd make a new home happen, but not two homes... And not a mansion, either, at least not any bigger than the one you're used to. 

You'd make a car happen, but not a fancier car than before.

You'd re-create your income, but not much more than before.

I know a man who fled a communist country years ago with nothing but his wife, his two children and one suitcase. Fast forward a year, and he was in Chicago (a new country!) with the same lifestyle he had before.

No better, no worse. (He actually lived well, so his 'normal' was better than most people's. The point is, it wasn't any better than he had had.)

If Donald Trump or Richard Branson woke up in that dumpster, with no resources at all, what would their Impulse cause them to do and create?

How would their subconscious mind power get them to do that?

How does the power of subconscious mind get its instructions anyway?  Can you change those instructions?  

Can you rewrite that programming to get the power of subconscious mind in-line with what you consciously want?

What is happening here??

Who is in Charge Any Way?

Can you change it?

How do you get the working of your subconscious mind in-line with what you consciously want?

The answer is.... YES you can but you have to make changes AT THE SAME LEVEL that the problem exists. (You wouldn't have your plumber fix an upstairs bathroom leak if the problem was downstairs, would you?)

Think of it this way...

 Your conscious mind is like a thermometer, and your unconscious mind is like a thermostat.

  • A thermometer notices the temperature, but a thermostat creates the temperature.

  • A thermostat will turn the air-conditioner/heater off and on as necessary to keep the room at that temperature -- automatically.

  • What's your internal "thermostat" setting for Joy? Money? Love? How much CAN you have?
  • Who decides what your limit is? And how do you change the 'thermostat setting'?
  • Most people go all the way to their grave barely scratching the surface of what they are capable of. Their thermostats keep them in their not-so-comfortable  "comfort zones." because they never learn how to unlock the power of subconscious mind.

    As I mentioned before, that has to be done at a deeper level of mind. Access to that level is open to you through hypnosis, self hypnosis and some of the other mind power techniques you will find on this site.  

    Ready to try out self hypnosis yourself? You might find our what can self hypnosis do for me the page you want to head to next!

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