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AutoSuggestion Techniques Can Change Your Life

Autosuggestion techniques have literally transformed my life.

Seventeen years ago, I was legally blind and couldn’t pass the eye test for a driver’s license with eyeglasses.  Thanks to auto-suggestion and visualization techniques, my corrected vision is almost 20/20 today. But that is just the beginning. . .

Also called self hypnosis, these techniques typically work because they transform your self-concept. Your self-concept determines pretty much every, single thing in your experience of life -- in both reality and perception. 

If you have wondered what might be possible for you by unlocking the power of your own mind, consider the Placebo effect:

Placebos are nothing more than a sugar pill or saline injection. Yet, since drug testing began, the placebo’s healing powers have been remarkable, curing every illness known to man.

Why is that?

How Science Explains the Effectiveness of autosuggestion techniques

Scientific evidence proves that when we believe something strongly enough, our perceptions, experience and behaviors fall in line with that belief. Autosuggestion techniques are a means of training your mind to believe a “new reality” giving you the power then to change whatever part of your life you wish to change.

It is as if the higher part of your mind (the YOU who does the “programming”) is the conductor of an orchestra that is playing out your life. Your thoughts, words and actions are players. By changing the program, the conductor can shift the entire experience from the Beatles to Bach, Puccini to Punk -- or anything else in between.

Ready To be Maestro of your OWN Symphony?

With autosuggestion techniques, you can consciously change those unconscious programs to create better health, more money, better relationships. You can look better, feel better and enjoy your life more!

Over the past twenty years, I have taught thousands of people autosuggestion techniques. The results have been truly amazing.

One man overcame a ten-year addiction to heroine within 30 days! Another lost 108 pounds.

When we practice this kind of mind training tools, we work under the assumption that there are two parts of your mind. Those two parts sometimes have their own agendas… and when THEY do, it is like Siamese twins trying to move in opposite direction. And YOU stay stuck.

Your two minds often have different needs and different goals.

Your unconscious mind, like the software on your computer, runs mainly on automatic programs. Autosuggestion techniques can overwrite those “scripts,” and change the program. When your program changes, your thoughts, words and actions shift, harmonize and fall in line.  

Most of our automatic programs are created in childhood when the brain is not fully developed.   And because those programs are running in the background, you are simply not consciously aware of them.

The problem for us is that all too often our unconscious processes are operating under instructions that work in opposition to what we want in life. That is where auto-hypnosis a.k.a auto-suggestion, comes in to play.

If you have ever been stopped by an inexplicable feeling that holds you back from  pursuing something you wanted to do, you have probably experienced an automatic reflex controlled by the unconscious part of your brain.

Your conscious mind wants to pursue the goal or make the change.  But your unconscious mind has a different program and it sabotages your efforts to keep the status quo.

Perhaps you have a belief that you are not good enough, capable or deserving. Perhaps a fear of rejection or abandonment is controlling you. . .Some people run on programs that create internal conflict with what they want and need… such as you can’t have both love and money or that money is the root of all evil.

Whatever your own subconscious blocks might be, breaking through them requires a reprogramming of sorts. In my experience, the easiest way to do that is with self-hypnosis.

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Discover how much better life can be when you put the power of your own mind to work for you.

Plus, like all my programs, it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Try it and if for any reason you don't think this fabulous training is worth the money. (now only $47 -- seriously!!!), I will give you a full refund.

"I lost 104 lbs and 69.75 inches in 9 months after taking Mandy’s program." Jeyla Kimball, Entrepreneur, Hollywood, FL

"As a psychotherapist with a lucrative practice for many years I realized
I was unfulfilled and unhappy…I was stuck. In working with Mandy I made more progress in a few months than years of psychotherapy
and training. " --Shelley Eisenberg,  Psychotherapist,   New York, NY

"Kept me focused on what is important…My life is calmer, more productive and more balanced."
Ellen R. Siegel CFP, Financial Planner, Miami FL

I really wanted to feel whole, confident, balanced, happy.  You taught me the basic skills necessary to finally achieve what I wanted for myself. Kathy Poulin, Marketing Consultant, Pompano Beach, FL

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