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Relief for Stress with accelerated meditation techniques

If you are looking for relief for stress, you may want to consider some of the new advancements in meditation technology.

Meditation technology? Yes, seriously. I know it is hard to wrap your mind around the idea of advanced technology applied to an ancient practice that requires no tools, but here we are!

For  twenty years I have been recommending Meditation for stress relief.   That is because meditation helps you relax your mind as well as your body. A strategy for quieting an overactive mind, is essential for any effective, sustainable stress management plan.

Because stress is one of the leading causes of chronic illness today, we all need to be more mindful about getting daily relief for stress.

Meditation for stress has been proven to lower blood pressure, promote relaxation, help focus and concentration, reduce anger and irritability and improve the quality of sleep.

There are various types of meditation. All have their benefits, but some are more effective than others when it comes to reducing stress specifically.  Mind relaxation happens when your brain waves slow down. New technology is now available that uses sound to synchronize brain wave activity and relax the mind more quickly.

As the use of technology increases, and we become more "plugged in," our minds grow more and more addicted to distraction, making it difficult to just switch off.  That is why I find the new technology applied to meditation so interesting.

In an ideal world meditation for stress is natural, simple and can be performed anywhere  without any aids. You certainly wouldn't need special music or advanced technology to help you relax. . You would just be able to shut off your brain and let your mind get some much needed rest. But alas, in this world that is not always easy.

 If you are a purist, you may be put off by the new technology. But if you are just looking for an effective way to overcome the emotional or physical symptoms of stress, accelerated meditation may be your solution..

The Busy Person's answer to 
Relief for Stress

Recently I had the opportunity to review a meditation program that claims to give you the benefit of an hour of meditation in just twelve minutes.  It uses brain entrainment ( the slowing of brain activity with the use of sound through a headset.) to accelerate the benefits of meditation. The supporting science and my own personal experience of the program has led me to recommend the system for busy people who want relief for stress..  I'd like to know what you think.

Obviously I am partial to my own longer relaxation exercises (hypnosis for stress relief)  that I offer in my store but I must say the Zen 12 brain entrainment meditation program does have a lot going for it.  Especially for busy people who want to learn meditation but can't or won't commit the time needed.  Here is a link to their free trial if you are interested.

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