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How to Think Positive

Learning how to think positive is one of the most valuable skills you can ever learn. When you change your thinking and become more positive, everything shifts. Your mood improves, you are more fun to be around and you have more energy.

Besides making you feel better, the power of thinking positive has proven benefits for health and longevity. You reduce your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and you lower your level of distress – the major contributor to all health problems.   Imagine how much money would be saved in health costs if learning “how to think positive” was part of the curriculum in grade school.

How to think positive should be taught in school

When you learn how to think positive, you will also tune in to opportunities you never saw before and other reasons to be happy. 

How to think Positive: Key Principles

1. The world has everything in it:
Your focus determines your experience.

Who is right? The person who says the world is a terrible place because there is so much violence and poverty. Or the person who says the world is a wonderful place because nature is beautiful and there are many kind, loving people.

Of course, they are both right. Each of those people are focusing on different things.

2. Thinking positive is a CHOICE

Learning how to think positive simply means that you CHOOSE to focus on what is right, good and beautiful.

  • You CHOOSE to focus on what you WANT to achieve -- instead of worrying about what can go wrong.
  • You CHOOSE to accept what is – and be at peace with it – rather than resist that over which you have no control.
  • You CHOOSE to live in gratitude and appreciation because there is always something to be grateful for.
Positive Thinking is YOUR choice

3. Anything that happens to you could be the best thing that ever happened to you

Perhaps you, like me, have had some of the best things in your life come out of situations that you had originally judged as being bad. Why not have the attitude that something good will come out of everything that happens?

4. Your Beliefs mold your life

Your beliefs are very powerful. They are your invisible director driving your experience of life.

Your beliefs create the limits of your life experience. What you believe you are capable of, what you believe is possible for you and what you believe you deserve, create the foundation of your life experience. 

If you have any doubt about the power of belief, please see my article on the Placebo Effect. When you learn how to think more positively, you will start to reshape your beliefs and that will give you the power to be or do whatever you set your mind to.

5. The brain cannot visualize a negative concept

Visualization and imagination are the “languages” of the mind. Before you can complete an action, your brain has to make a picture of that action. You may not be aware that your brain is doing that but it is true. This is a very important concept because it is impossible for your brain to picture a negative concept. For example, try not to think of a vanilla ice cream cone. What do you think of? 

In other words if you tell children: “Don’t slam the door.” They make a mental image of slamming the door – and they do. They can’t help themselves.

Instead you should say “Please close the door softly,”  --If that is what you want them to do.

Most people who are learning to think positively, use daily affirmations. It is very important to use ONLY the positive form of the statements and NOT what you are trying to change.

How to Think and Stay positive-- step by step.

Positive Power Thinking  (My twist on positive thinking)

Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts for the day

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