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Self Hypnosis Instruction, Five Excellent induction Techniques

This page of self hypnosis instruction is focused on "induction" or entering into a state of hypnosis. Most students find it easier to learn and practice self hypnosis instructions with an audio guide so you can keep your eyes closed and attention focused within so you can experience the process while learning.  (If that interests you I recommend the "How to Self Hypnosis," Audio Series which is a complete self hypnosis guide on Mp3 and available for immediate download. In addition to learning inductions and deepening techniques, you will discover valuable mind tools for programming your subconscious mind, attaining goals, setting anchors and solving life's problems. )

After almost twenty years of teaching self hypnosis techniques,  these are my five favorite "entry" methods for those beginning a self hypnosis journey. 

After entering self hypnosis, it is best to apply some deepening techniques before you begin your visualizations, auto suggestions and/or NLP hypnosis exercises.

I recommend that you first read through ALL of the instructions before beginning practice. Then choose one induction technique you would like to practice for your session.

You may also want to consider getting my "how to" audio program for self hypnosis which not only guides you through induction, but trains you on the most effective self hypnosis methods for positive change.  

After you have chosen your technique, read through the instructions at least three more times. Your goal is to be able to follow the self hypnosis instruction, without having to stop and re-read the page.

It is preferable to sit comfortably, rather than lie down so you don't fall asleep.

1. Self Hypnosis Instruction for Simple Induction

  1. Stare at a spot on the ceiling and keep from blinking as long as possible

  2. Concentrate on your breathing for a few moments to center yourself

  3. Take a long deep breath and then exhale slowly and as you do mentally say: "Deeeeeep Noooooowwwwww" (deep now). Repeat this step three times with your eyes open and staring at the same spot.

  4. Close your eyes on the third exhale as you say the words "DEEEEP NOOOOOWWWWW"

  5. Use your favorite self hypnosis techniques for deepening

  6. Apply self-help hypnosis techniques

  7. Come out

2. Self Hypnosis Instruction for Inducing Trance with Hand Levitation

If you are using self-help hypnosis for healing, or in lieu of anesthesia, this is the recommended method because it takes you deeper into Theta.

  1. Sit with your palm on your lap, facing down.

  2. Stare at a spot on your hand. Keep your gazed fixed on that spot until the end of the induction.

  3. Imagine your hands to feel sensitive and cause a finger to move.

  4. Imagine that your hand and arm is getting lighter and lighter -- as if a balloon is lifting it

  5. Eventually your hand will rise from your lap

  6. Allow your hand and arm to lift higher and higher, still staring at the spot with eyes open

  7. Continue to imagine your arm lifting and getting lighter until the back of your hand touches your face

  8. When the back of your hand touches your face, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale

  9. Use your favorite self hypnosis techniques for deepening

  10. Apply self-help hypnosis or other self hypnosis techniques

  11. Come out

3. Self-hypnosis Instruction for Eyes open and Closed Induction

  1. Turn your eyes slightly upward and stare at a spot on wall or ceiling

  2. With Your eyes open and your gazed fixed say aloud the number 20, then let your eyes close

  3. Then open your eyes and look at the same spot. Say the number 19 out loud and close your eyes

  4. Open your eyes and look at the same spot. Say the number 18 aloud and close your eyes

  5. Continue to count backward to 1 in the same manner

  6. Use your favorite self-hypnosis techniques for deepening

  7. Apply self-help hypnosis or other self-hypnosis techniques

  8. Come out

4. Self hypnosis instruction for the See, Hear, Feel, Induction

  1. Stare at something in front of you. Notice what you see, the colors and the light

  2. Notice what you hear - the tempo, the volume and the character of the sound

  3. Notice what you feel - the temperature, the texture of your clothes, your breathing

  4. Repeat the cycle twice more. See -hear-feel

  5. Use your favorite self hypnosis techniques for deepening

  6. Apply self help hypnosis or other self hypnosis techniques

  7. Come Out

5. The Silva Method 3 to 1 induction

I often use this method for self-help hypnosis because when you "get" it you can go very deep, very quick.

It works by establishing a set of anchors that condition your body, brain and mind to relax very deeply within seconds. It is simple and effective to use.

In order for this to work for you, you need to establish the anchors which you can do by practicing the "Relax with Mandy Bass" audio exercise a few times. After you have practiced that guided exercise follow these simple self-hypnosis instructions:

  1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths

  2. On first exhale, repeat and visualize the number 3 three times

  3. On second exhale repeat and visualize the number 2 three times

  4. On third exhale repeat and visualize the number 1 three times

  5. Deepen

  6. Apply self-help hypnosis or other self-hypnosis techniques

  7. Come out

For the simplified version of this technique to work, you need to have set the anchors that will put you into a deeply relaxed state. You can set those anchors by ordering the downloadable MP3 audio "Relax with Mandy Bass."

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