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How to be More Positive:
Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Thinking

If you want to learn how to be more positive, you need to create a habit of turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

 Understanding the power of positive thinking and its impact on your health, happiness and success will give you the motivation for making a habit of turning negative thoughts into positive thinking:

Be More Positive

Imagine every thought you think as a seed of your future.

The words you use and the actions you take are the nourishment for those seeds that help them grow.

The first, and probably most important step in learning how to be more positive,  is cultivating awareness of what is going on in your mind. How else  will you recognize the negative thinking?

Most people aren’t aware of their thoughts at all. They don’t realize that they really can change their thinking. And when they do, life follows suit.

Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones is as easy as 1-2-3.

Turning negative thoughts into positive

1. Be attentive to your thinking. Observe a negative thought or negative self-talk.
2. Delete negative thought. The moment you become aware of it. Simply say say Delete-Delete!  (for more on why this works see How to think positive)
3. Reframe the self-talk, or thought, into a positive form.

When it comes to turning negative thoughts into positive thinking, first create the positive visualization in your mind. Then affirm with your words that it is so.

An affirmation is a positive statement that is phrased in the present tense such as “I am,” “I feel.” Your brain is very smart and only executes commands for what needs to happen now. It has no time for “Someday or maybes” and literally puts it out of your mind.

Remember with positive power thinking, we are not trying to deny life challenges but rise to them. If you truly are overweight and desire to change that – start with your thinking and then follow it up with words and actions.

If you catch yourself asking questions like “Why do bad things always happen to me?” Delete! And say something like “How can I turn this situation into something fabulous?” And then do it!

delete negative self talk

Examples of How to be more positive with self-talk

If you catch yourself saying “I am so fat.”  Say delete-delete and something like “I am thin, fit and fabulous.” If that feels too extreme for you perhaps start with something like.“ I am getting leaner and stronger every day.” Or, I “I love my body and treat it with care and respect. I prefer healthy, wholesome foods. “

In the positive thinking exercises below I give you examples for turning negative thoughts into positive thinking.  My positive reframes are just examples. See how many you can come up with.

For learning how to be more positive and a better understanding of the process, I recommend the following articles:

How to think positive

How to stay positive

Tips for positive thinking

Positive POWER thinking

The more you understand and practice, the easier it gets to be more positive.

Positive Thinking exercises


I am sick and tired ...

I'm a klutz

Positive Reframe

I am getting better and better

I am graceful

I am a delightful human being

Every day in every way I am getting better and better

Questions can install or
reinforce negative beliefs.

Why do (bad things) ALWAYS happen to me?

How can I turn this into something good?

Wisdom comes with experience

Why do I always make mistakes?

Repetition is how you get good at something.

I am getting better and better every day.

Beware of metaphors that
send the wrong messages to your brain

It burns me up

She is drop dead gorgeous

I didn't like that

She is gorgeous

He is a pain in the neck

It is painful

I did not like what he said

I don't like that

I would prefer something different

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