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Self Confidence Hypnosis

Self confidence hypnosis can bring you life changing results. Did you know that your own self-confidence is more important to your success and happiness than your looks, your education, your intelligence or your relationships?

The funny thing is that self confidence is just a feeling that comes from a picture you have of yourself in your mind - not how you actually look - just a picture, a made up fantasy. 


Those feelings can also come from voices you have inside your head. Sometimes those voices aren't even yours...

And NO, you are not crazy. At least not any more than anyone else!

We all have pictures and voices in our heads that direct the feelings in our bodies. Those images and ideas come from our past experiences and our "conditioning" as children.

No matter how much willpower you have, until you learn to how to build your confidence from the inside, you will have a much harder time getting to the success and happiness you want.

Self Confidence hypnosis can change how you see yourself

How you see yourself is so important that in Robert Cialdini's well-researched and best-selling book on Influence, he devotes a whole chapter to this topic. He gives dozens of examples where people have done the most remarkable things after someone got them to change how they saw themselves.

Prisoners of war changed sides. Ordinary people who had never done a charitable deed, started volunteering for the Red Cross - in one town alone there was a 700% increase in volunteers, almost overnight.

Self confidence hypnosis is one of the best methods for change because it helps you shift the picture you have of yourself in your mind, soften the negative voices in your head and build positive feelings in your body.

Self confidence hypnosis is not about changing who you are but how you see yourself and what to do to bring out the very best in yourself.

But really that is not the whole story. There are two other very important pieces to self confidence hypnosis:

  1. Identifying and Changing Your Limiting beliefs

  2. How you deal with the feedback (or criticism) you get from others
Beliefs are the ideas and notions you take for granted as true about you and your world. And there is nothing more important for your success than making sure that your beliefs serve you and support your ability to reach your goals.

Most limiting beliefs are formed in childhood. One of the reasons why self confidence hypnosis is so effective is that it can help you change the negative ideas. These ideas are rooted deep in your unconscious, so deep you probably are not even aware of them.

Dealing with the past is one thing when it comes to hypnosis for self confidence. Responding to the future is another.

Overcoming Criticism

In the 1960's a very famous plastic Surgeon by the name of Maxwell Malts wrote a mega bestseller about self-image called Psycho-Cybernetics. He made huge discovery about success and criticism. He said that the single greatest characteristic of successful people is "immunity to criticism." 

The history of great success is filled with people who overcame a chorus of critics, on their way to creating massive success. But what do you do if you aren't so thick skinned? What if you are sensitive to criticism? What if it hurts when people say that you're wrong? Or that your idea is just dumb?.

You probably already know that it's not the criticism that matters; it's your reaction to it. How you take it in and how it makes you feel inside.

But how can you change your reaction to it, so that you can feel good, even while you are being criticized? So that it doesn't hurt you and damage your self confidence further?

Using self esteem affirmations and hypnosis to change your self confidence will help you retrain your brain to respond to criticism in the most self empowering way you imagine.

You will learn how to hear the criticism, and automatically extract what is useful and worth hearing and discard the rest.

The words will naturally bounce off like marshmallows thrown against the wall of a 10 story building.

Getting Started With Self Hypnosis 

If you are familiar with Self hypnosis, and just want some self hypnosis scripts to refresh your learning, head over here to self hypnosis scripts.

If you are new to self hypnosis, this audio series has all the self hypnosis techniques you will need to start doing self hypnosis today. The self hypnosis techniques can be used to help you start working on specific changes you wish to make in your life. 

First, I explain the ins and outs of each technique, one at a time.

Then we practice them together, first, one at a time, eventually combining steps so you get a sense of the flow.

Then you are guided through easy-to-follow progressions so you can practice, step by step, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office.

Get Started Here.

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