Binge Eating Self Help,
Yoga Nazi, Exercise:
Stop Destructive Behavior Now!

Today I want to share a binge eating self help exercise with you. 

This process also works for interrupting other types of destructive behavior patterns, including getting rid of compulsive thoughts. One of my clients, a president of a women's professional association, WAS terrified of public speaking but after using this technique she was cleared of that fear.  She calls it her CPR for PSA (public speaking anxiety) but today we will call it the Yoga Nazi Exercise -- you will see why shortly. 

As many of you know, thanks to mind power techniques revealed in my Thin, Fit Fabulous You Audio Program, it has been a long time since I struggled with weight and eating issues (Thank Goodness!). 

But I have to admit,  something happened a few days ago that triggered me, and next thing I knew I was using this Yoga Nazi, binge eating self help technique. It is weird how sometimes, things that don’t seem important, or relevant, can be a trigger for emotional eating. Have you had that experience? 

If so, stopping to IDENTIFY what triggers the unwanted behavior is a critical first step for binge eating self help -- or getting rid of any type of unwanted behavior. That is because an unidentified problem is seldom ever solved. 

So here is what happened: I went to a yoga class and my usual teacher was on vacation. The substitute teacher is someone I now call, The Yoga Nazi.

I am sure you already get the picture.

For those of you who know yoga, she was an Ashtanga teacher. Actually I like Ashtanga yoga and it can be quite intense. The teachers are typically strict but this instructor took it to a whole new level of intimidation. Though I have been doing yoga for years, it was a really hard class and the instructor did not appreciate my attempts at comic relief.  

After the class, instead of feeling rejuvenated as I usually do, I felt down and depressed. I wanted to eat everything in my fridge --- until I did the binge eating self help exercise that I am about to share with you.

After I completed this binge eating self help technique, the whole situation seemed quite amusing and I named the teacher, Yoga Nazi . Now I smile whenever I think about her.

After I cleared myself of the negative feelings that triggered my food cravings, I realized that it was not the Yoga Nazi who caused my problem at all. Her teaching style triggered my childhood insecurities. It was my own feelings of not "being enough" that triggered the tendency to fill myself with food -- even though I was not hungry. 

My confident adult self disappeared, and in her place, was the five-year-old me, desperate for approval from people who I thought "hated" me. 

I am sure you’ve experienced similar kinds of feelings. You probably know that those feelings are not rational, but you feel them anyway. Sometimes it is those obsessive-compulsive thoughts that drive us crazy.  Sometimes we feel extraordinarily anxious, fearful, and lonely. And at times we don’t even understand why.

Sometimes it is the chocolate cake in the fridge that triggers the need for binge eating self help, or a family encounter that triggers emotional eating.  And before we know it, the whole cake is gone.

Whatever the cause, things happen to ALL of us, that trigger destructive behavior patterns. For some people it is food addiction, for others it may be alcohol consumption, or some other compulsive habit. So don’t feel like you are alone in this.

It is as if a switch flips off your rational mind.  Actually, it does. It is all part of our flight/ fight response that happens when people experience stress:

Blood-flow to the executive decision making center of your brain (just behind your forehead) gets constricted. Consequently, the rational part of your brain stops working properly. It is nature's way of stimulating your more instinctual tendencies to fight whatever is attacking you, or get the heck out of dodge.

Sometimes these anxiety-producing, compulsive behaviors are a result of emotional upset or a shock. Sometimes we don’t even know who, or what, triggers them.

The good news about this binge eating self help exercise is that it doesn’t matter. All you need to focus on, is the feeling you are experiencing, that is driving you to want to binge eat.

How the Yoga Nazi, Binge Eating Self Help Exercise Works

This binge eating self-help exercise comes from the field of kinesthesiology, and works like psychological CPR. 

Compulsive eating, almost always, is a response to a feeling we are experiencing. This exercise will help you to work through the feelings that are driving the behavior – without eating.

In less than ten minutes, my clients have used this binge eating self help technique to stave off panic attacks, eliminate compulsive negative thinking, anger, and emotional upset. And of course, stop binge eating.

Like with all the methods, exercises, and techniques on this site, this is not intended to replace medical care or psychotherapy.

four aspects to this technique

  1. Focus on the feeling you are experiencing – not the story or the thinking. Even though it may feel uncomfortable at first, the feeling will dissolve quickly, if you allow yourself to experience it fully. What you resist, persists.
  2. Breathing: you need to breathe continuously with deep connected breaths. This stimulates blood flow and helps you to dissolve the negative emotion.
  3. Frontal occipital holding – which means you place the palm of one hand over your forehead, the other palm over the back of the head. 
  4. Eye movement with this binge eating self help exercise is to clear the negative feeling from all associations/ memories that trigger it. We access different memories from different eye positions. And though you will be working through all the eye positions, you will likely spend less than a second, on most of them. Typically, people have three or four eye positions where the feeling intensifies. When you experience that, simply keep your eyes in that position and breath into the feeling, until it dissolves completely.

Why You'll Want to finish it

By the end of the binge eating self help exercise, the compulsion should dissolve completely and the associations you worked through should no longer trigger you.  You may have more triggers to work through to stop binge eating altogether. If that is the case, when the next one happens, simply repeat this exercise.

Please review the whole binge eating self help process before practicing the technique.

Yoga Nazi, Binge Eating Self-Help Exercise

  1.  Tap into the feeling and give it a name such as, unworthy, scared, powerless, afraid, unloved, anger, frustration, overwhelmed, rejection, etc.
  2. Rate the feeling on a 0 -10 “peace to pain” scale.  This is the first step to resolution. Don’t proceed until you scored the feeling.
  3. The goal of this exercise is to get the feeling you don't want that is driving the behavior down to ZERO. Complete the whole process. Do not stop at a low number because you think it is bearable, take a few more moments to erase it completely.
  4. Notice the feeling (let go of any story around it. Just focus on the feeling). Where is it? How big is it? What is the shape and texture like? Is it cool or hot? If it had a color, what color would it have? If it had a sound, what sound would it have?
  5. Take a few moments to give your complete attention to this feeling. Breathing into it, not resisting it – or pushing it away, just relaxing into it, like you would if you were doing yoga or stretching. Stay focused on the feeling, let go of any stories around that feeling. After you have done this for a few moments you will likely notice that the feeling is already shifting. Perhaps its size will get smaller, and the intensity will be reduced. Observe what has happened to it. Stay with this part of the exercise for as long as it feels valuable to you. [Some people find that just doing this part of the exercise for 10 minutes or so, will eliminate the feeling altogether].
  6. Breathe deep continuous breaths consistently. Do not hold your breath even if you are crying. You want to release all the emotion, don't hold back your feelings. This is the time to let them out so you won't have to binge eat to suppress them. Once you have worked through them, they will be gone and you will be free.
  7. Place one hand on your forehead, so that your palm is touching the whole area. Place the other hand lightly on the back of your head (occiput). (This is called Frontal-Occipital Holding and comes from the field of specialized Kinesthesiology).
  8. Feel the emotion as much as you can. Rather than suppress it, invite it. Soon the emotion will dissolve.
  9. Your eyes can be open or closed during this binge eating self-help process. Whatever feels more comfortable and helps you stay focused on the feeling, is the right decision for you. 
  10. Now we need to add eye movement so that we can clear the negative memory/ associations that trigger this feeling. Begin with your eyes at the 12 o’clock position – as if there was a clock in front of you. Staying focused on the thought or feeling, slowly rotate your eyes. If any eye position triggers the painful emotion again, hold your eyes in that position until you have breathed through the feeling completely, keeping your hands on your head -- until the emotion clears.
  11. Clear all eye positions with eyes open and then closed. Or closed, then open – if your eyes were closed to start. You may notice a spontaneous sigh as the stress disintegrates.

Notice how much more peaceful you feel. Congratulate yourself and enjoy the difference.

Isn’t this a great binge eating self help exercise? 

In my Platinum Thin, Fit Fabulous You Audio Program, I guide you through mind exercises that address all the issues of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. You will learn how to change food preferences, motivate yourself to exercise, stop emotional eating, and identify the root cause of your unhealthy habits so you can change them -- and so much more. If that is something you could benefit from check it out here. As with all my programs, they are available for immediate download and include an unconditional money back guarantee.  

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