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Mastering Your Mind Power

From the Millionaire mind Secrets Series

Can mastering your mind power be as simple as rethinking your past?

Stop and think of how the past affects you. There are probably episodes in your personal history that have shaped your life. You’ve also probably heard self-help gurus – myself included - say that your beliefs dictate your life experience. That if you can or can’t do something it often depends whether you think you can. In other words, mastering mind power has a lot to do with mastering your beliefs.

Okay that’s insightful, but what does that have to do with millionaire mind secrets?

Your beliefs about what is possible for you come from experience. You didn’t emerge from the womb with a belief about your ability. You didn’t arrive on your birth day believing that your income would be minimal, your health poor, or that you would choose the wrong mate. These types of ideas are learned through experience.

They could have come from your perception of something you personally experienced that led you to believe that you weren’t capable or deserving enough. Or those ideas could have come from  an experience  that you had of ANOTHER person’s perceptions  -- like in the case of a parent telling a child something they believe to be true.

 Mastering Your Mind Power through Experience

There are two facts about experience worth noticing when it comes to mastering your mind power. These observations alone can shake your beliefs which in itself can make changes happen, very useful changes. 

1. Other People’s Experiences Count

Other people’s experiences count when it comes to your beliefs. Not too long ago, people believed strongly that a human couldn’t run a 4-minute mile. That is, until Roger Bannister did it. In those days communication was a lot different than it is today. Most people only heard the story on the radio. But it wasn’t long before other people – lots of other people – managed what, for so long, seemed impossible.

How does this help you?

Millionaire Mind Secrets: Role Models

One of the millionaire mind secrets that I find particularly interesting is that super successful people have role models that they tried to emulate. And not just one role model either, they make a habit of finding people to admire – and learning from them.

If you want to earn $50,000 per month doing work that you greatly enjoy, but you believe you would have to dedicate every waking hour to reach that goal, then you’d probably be very interested in learning about someone who created the $50,000 per month income doing the exact same work that you want to do. Especially if that person only worked 25 hours per week. 

Role models are helpful for mastering mind power because they build your beliefs about what is possible.

Here’s the second thing about your past experience and how it affects you:

2. Your experience is not etched in stone. 

This may seem unbelievable at first but the truth is that you have enormous freedom to change your memories, even create new memories, and let those new memories serve as a basis for beliefs that make success more likely.

You can create beliefs that help you in the process of mastering your mind power and adopting a millionaire mindset..  You can change memories (and therefore beliefs) with self hypnosis and other mind power techniques with the use of visualization. It is one of the foundational exercises I guide you through in the Ignite your Secret Power, Best-selling  Audio Program.

If that seems a bit crazy to you, let me ask you a question:
Have you ever remembered an event in a certain way but when you spoke with someone else, who was at the same event, it became evident that the two of you remembered it VERY differently?

Odd details here and there that you’re in total disagreement with. Even though the event was the same. Your biases, filters, prejudices, ways of perceiving, were different. And therefore your memories were different.

Your memories weren’t of what happened, your memories were your RECORD of what happened.

When you use your memory of what happened to form the basis for beliefs about what’s possible for you, that presents a very exciting opportunity for change and mastering your mind power. 

It is a fact that you can directly affect how you are remembering things, so that your memories serve you. There are a number of ways to do this. Changing “perceptual positions,”  self hypnosis and other mind power exercises using role models, creative visualization and other techniques can literally help you re-write your past, master your mind power and install new beliefs that support you.

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