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Hypnosis Glossary:
Hypnosis Terms and Language

This hypnosis glossary is intended as a helpful reference for those seeking more information and useable knowledge on hypnosis techniques and other mind tools provided on this website. 

If you don't see what you are looking for in this hypnosis glossary, please see other related articles such Self hypnosis terms or send me an email and I will try to answer your questions. Also be sure to browse the site as I have personally shared hundreds of techniques and ideas for making life better using the power of mind with hypnosis and other methodologies.

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of mind where you suspend normal judgement. Anytime you have become engrossed in a novel or movie, you are in a natural hypnotic trance.

Hypnosis Glossary: Commonly Used Terms

Deepening: Techniques for deepening subject's state.

Deepening Methods: Deepening methods are only limited by your imagination. An experienced hypnotist will use what is naturally available in the environment to help their subject go deeper and get more relaxed. Common deepening methods include the suggestion of going "deeper with each breath,"  using environmental sounds (the hum of the air conditioner, a phone ringing, birds singing,) rotating the head, pumping or dropping an arm, confusion counting, counting backwards, fractional relaxation, music and imagery. For actual examples of deepening and other techniques/ scripts beyond this hypnosis glossary, see our extensive list of methods in the navigation panel on the left side of the page.

Compounding: In the context of this hypnosis glossary, compounding refers to techniques that multiply the depth of a subject's state. This is typically done by bringing a subject out of trance with finger snapping  and re-inducing them with the suggestion that "when you close your eyes again, you will go twice as deep as you are now." Done several times in rapid succession, compounding will take a subject very deep in a very short period of time.

Convincers: "Convincers" are an important part of the hypnotic process because they answer the question many people have during hypnosis "Am I really in hypnosis?" With convincers such as eyelid catalepsy below, the subject is able to stop analyzing and relax in the knowing that they are in deeper state. That confidence and deeper relaxation helps the hypnotherapist do their job

Eyelid Catalepsy: Eyelid catalepsy is often used as a "convincer" to help the subject realize he or she is hypnotized because they are unable to open their eyes.  Please note:  This state is created by hypnotic suggestion with full cooperation of the subject.  For example a hypnotist might say to their subject: "Let your eyelids be so relaxed that the muscles are for now, switched off. Let your eyes be so relaxed that in a few moments when you try to open your eyelids , the harder you try, the more they relax and stay closed. It is as if they are glued shut."

Hypnotic Induction: The process that narrows a subjects focus of attention and gets them into a hypnotic trance

Hypnotic Integration: A process whereby the subject integrates their insights emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Hypnotic Language and Eriksonian Language Patterns. See this article.

Hypnotic Patter: Suggestive verbiage used to deepen trance and/or bring on desired states such as "You always enjoy this pleasant, relaxed feeling... your blood pressure is normalizing and you feel better and better."

Perceptual Positions. See Self hypnosis terms.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion: This is an hypnosis term for a suggestion given to a subject immediately AFTER he/she comes out of trance. When someone first comes out of a trance a subject is still open and  susceptible to suggestion. A good post-hypnotic suggestion is specific, time referenced, positive and simple such as "when you go to bed tonight you will find that you sleep better than you have slept in years. Deep, peaceful, relaxing, healthy, consistent sleep..."

Pre-Induction: Conversation hypnotist has with subject before induction rto create comfort, rapport and release the need to be analytical

Regression Hypnosis: Hypnosis that takes subject back in time. Many people believe in the concept of reincarnation and "Past Life Regression" or being able to regress to an in between state, between lives. Though I've studied with the best and most notable authorities on this subject and performed many such sessions, I still have some skepticism. While those sessions have been enormously helpful to the subjects who in many cases experienced spontaneous healing,  I cannot say for sure whether the experience was an actual replay of a real experience, or a valuable insight of their higher intelligence, provided by imagination and suggestion. Either way, it was definitely useful.

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