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Mind Development Hypnosis and NLP:
How and Why they work

If you are interested in mind development hypnosis and NLP, perhaps you, like me, will find it easier if you understand not just HOW mind power techniques work, but also, why.

How the brain naturally learns and processes information

Every second, approximately two million bits of information are flooding into your nervous system, even when you sleep. You process this information through your internal senses -- pictures you create in your head, sounds you hear inside, feelings you feel, smells and tastes.

While all that is going on, most people also have internal dialogue or conversations going on inside their heads.

How you process all that information – what you filter out-- AND what is happening inside your head will determines how you behave and what you do. What you do, will determine the results you get. The results you get will impact the quality of your life.

Mind development hypnosis teaches us that by tweaking how we process and filter the information we receive, AND modify the activity in our minds (internal dialogue, pictures and other senses)  we can change our behavior and thereby, our results.

How Your Brain  Filters Information

In order to manage the billions of bits of information you receive on a daily basis, your unconscious mind employs three efficiency strategies to avoid going into total overload.

These learning strategies are:
1. Deletion (example: you are deeply engrossed in a book and you are oblivious when someone asks you a question.)

2. Generalizing (Example: A person has a negative experience with a particular ethnic group and then generalizes that everyone in that ethnic group is that way. Or you learn how a door opens and then you assume that all doors open that way.)

3. Distortions (Example: It says “No fat,” therefore it’s nutritious. Or you believe you don’t look good and someone gives you a compliment and you think: He/ She is just saying that to make me feel better.)

How Does the brain decide
what to keep or delete ?

Each person has a unique set of filters based on their unique life experience. Our beliefs shape those perceptual filters and ultimately determine our experience of reality. In other words our perceptions form our reality because we are always unconsciously looking for validation of our existing perceptions and beliefs.

This is a hard concept for people to accept

What we delete, distort or generalize, is determined largely by what we believe to be true.

We unconsciously see what we want to see.

Fundamental Concepts for Learning Mind Development Hypnosis and NLP:

  • Understanding that perception is not reality, is fundamental to learning mind development hypnosis and NLP.  
  • If you change your perception – or how you look at things - your experience will be different and your behavior will naturally follow suit. That will then impact the outcomes you get. 
  • If you change the building blocks (sub-modalities) of perception, that too will change your experience and ultimately your results.

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