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Natural Home Remedies for Anxiety

If you are looking for home remedies for anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety  affects millions of people. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 40 million adults and 1 in 8 children suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety can make it impossible to do everyday things like go to the store, go to work, or even just get out of bed. Anxiety can be triggered by something as simple as a scene in a movie on TV or the phone ringing.

Some people find medication helps control their anxiety but for many people the side effects of anti-anxiety drugs only make things worse. The home remedies for anxiety that I am sharing here have all been proven safe and effective. You can also find natural supplements for anxiety, scientifically proven to work, here.  However I am not a medical doctor and my advice should not be considered a substitute for medical care or psychological counseling.

Self-help for anxiety is as individual as the causes of anxiety so you should try several different tools to see which ones work the best for you. Using some of these tools and techniques can help you overcome that familiar tightening in your chest and pounding in your ears that occurs whenever an anxiety attack starts. Here are some of the most popular natural home remedies for anxiety.

10 Home Remedies for Anxiety

1. Breathing exercises:

When you start to feel anxious your breath becomes short and shallow.  This increases anxiety because your body will not be getting enough oxygen. That is when anxiety typically spirals out of control. Knowing some simple breathing exercises can really help you.

There are many deep breathing techniques to help with anxiety. The simplest one is just to focus your breathing and take 20 long, deep breaths. Slow down the inhale and especially the exhale.  Close your mouth and breathe through your nose, if possible.

When those 20 breaths are done you should feel calmer. If you are still feeling anxious repeat the 20 breath cycle until you feel the anxiety going away.

Rehearse this breathing exercise several times NOW. That way, when you have a future need, to use one of these home remedies for anxiety you will KNOW exactly what to do.

If you have a smartphone you can download free stress and anxiety apps that will guide you through breathing exercises to help you calm down.

2. Stress and Relaxation Techniques

Practicing relaxation and stress relief techniques on a regular basis, have a very positive effect on general health because they help you strengthen your immune system. Used on-the-spot for anxiety symptoms, they can also produce moderate, short term results.

Many people who suffer from anxiety often also develop heart and stomach problems.  Stress relief and relaxation techniques, including self hypnosis, meditation, and hypnosis are proven to be effective in the treatment of heart disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

People practicing relaxation exercises, who undergo breast biopsies, dental treatment and other medical procedures, tend to have better outcomes  than those who do not. If you tend to get anxious in those types of situation and/or you suffer from other health problems, some form of regular relaxation techniques should be in your arsenal of home remedies for anxiety.

3. Meditation

Daily meditation, even mindful meditation, are effective home remedies for anxiety. Guided meditations can be very useful for people that never meditated before. You don’t need to meditate for a long time to get the calming benefits of meditation.

Just taking 15-30 minutes each day to quiet your mind and body by listening to soothing music, paying attention to your breath, and calming your thoughts is enough. Regular meditation will help alleviate stress, improve concentration, and help you sleep better.

4. Keep a journal

Writing out all of the things that you are anxious about is a very good way to stop being afraid of them. When you name what you are afraid of,  and examine it on the page, you are taking away the power of that fear.

When you get up in the morning  grab a notebook and a pen and write three pages of stream of consciousness writing. Don’t stop to think about what you’re writing. Just write. Write out everything you are afraid of. Write out everything bad that could possibly happen. Write out all the things that are stressing you out or making you sad. When you close the notebook picture yourself locking away all of those fears and anxieties. Putting them on paper will help them seem less overwhelming and scary. It is amazing. But you have to experience it to appreciate it.

5. Physical activity

Exercise can be a great way to deal with nervous energy and help your body deal with chronic anxiety and stress. When you are anxious your body pumps adrenaline through your system to help you stay alert and aware of any threats. After a while prolonged exposure to adrenaline starts to wear on your body. Regular exercise will increase production of soothing Serotonin in the body and help your body recover from the ravages of stress.

 You need at least twenty minutes of activity for you body to release endorphins but that doesn't mean you have to be a fitness freak.

Even focused gentle exercise like gentle yoga or Tai Chi are  good for the central nervous system and help keeping anxiety at bay.

6. Acupuncture

Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medical practice of inserting needles at precise points on the body to regulate energy flow,  has proven in treating anxiety disorders. While not exactly a "home remedy," you can avoid the dangerous risks and  side effects of anxiety drugs with a safer type of "medicine."

7. Self hypnosis

Self hypnosis is simply a process of deep relaxation and focus that helps you gain mastery over your mind and thinking processes. In my opinion, it is the most useful tool to cope with any challenges life deals you. I don't say that it is a cure all, but it can help you achieve better health, more fulfilling relationships and a higher level of success at work. Learn more

8. Natural Herbs and Botanicals    

If you walk the isles of a health food store there is no shortage of products claiming to help with anxiety. However there are only 5 natural botanicals that I have found in my research, scientifically proven, to be effective in the treatment of anxiety.  More about these natural supplements for anxiety here.

( If you know of others that are PROVEN effective, please share the INDO WITH US.)

9. cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is different to other psychotherapy treatments. With CBT patients and therapists work together on raising awareness of the patient's thoughts, beliefs and feelings. They examine patterns of thinking that lead to self destructive behavior and they work together to change those patterns.

10. Hypnotherapy

Like cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy can help people get to the root cause of their problems. In hypnosis, with a skilled therapist, patients are very focused and have better access to memory. A good therapist can quickly get the patient to  "step out" of  traumatic events from their past so that they can still benefit from the perspective and the learning -- without having to endure the intense feelings of reliving the experience in a conscious state.

Listening to guided hypnosis programs are  also soothing home remedies for anxiety.

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