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Self Hypnosis Script to
Get the Most out of your Practice

Having a well recorded self hypnosis script, will help you get the most out of your practice. Remember all you are doing with self hypnosis is facilitating communication between your conscious and your unconscious or subconscious mind. 

In other words you are actively putting the power of mind to work for you. Your sessions should be relaxing and enjoyable. Even five minutes a day can have beneficial effects.

All self hypnosis scripts should include:

  1. A method of entry -- known as induction
  2. Deepening techniques. For self hypnosis to be effective, you must relax your mind as well as your body
  3. "Programming" exercises (to accomplish the goals you set for the session, even if it is just for relaxation.) What can you accomplish with self hypnosis?
  4. An exit or coming out process to ease out of deep relaxation
  5. Post-hypnotic suggestion to extend the benefits

Here are some suggestions to enhanced your practice:

Self Hypnosis Script For Induction

  1. For this first self hypnosis script, you will get into a comfortable position with your eyes open and turned slightly upward.

  2. Stare at something in front of you.

  3. Notice what you see, the colors and the light [pause]

  4. Now Notice what you hear - the tempo, the volume and the character of the sound [pause]

  5. Now Notice what you feel - the temperature, the texture of your clothes, your breathing [pause]

  6. Notice what you see [pause]

  7. Notice what you hear [pause]

  8. Now Notice what you feel

  9. Repeat steps 6-9 again.

  10. Close your eyes. Relax and go deeper.

Self Hypnosis Script for Deepening

  • Now with every breath you take, you go deeper within

  • Every thought you think takes you deeper and deeper.

  • It is a wonderful feeling to be deeply relaxed.

  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale, relax and go deeper.

  • To help you relax even more, concentrate on your scalp. Allow your scalp to relax.

  • Concentrate on your forehead. Now, relax your forehead.

  • (You can continue this process for each area of the body, all the way down to your toes)

  • Now to go even deeper, notice and see how relaxed you can make your eyelids.[pause]

  • As you relax your eyelids even more, feeling them become heavy, just imagine that they are so relaxed that it is like that feeling when you begin to wake up in the morning and you want to open your eyes, but they are so comfortable it seems that you just can't get them open. Let your eyelids sink into that comfortable relaxed feeling. The heavier they get now, the more comfortable they feel.

See more about the use of anchors for deepening here

Programming - Make A Suggestion or Specific Visualization Technique

Your favorite Self-hypnosis technique for whatever you want to accomplish in this session using:

Self Hypnosis Script to Create a feeling bridge (Optional)

  1. Remember a time in your recent past when you felt the way you want to feel now.

  2. Step into the experience. Really feel what it feels like.

  3. Notice where in your body do you notice those feelings?

  4. Hold onto those feelings as you put your thumb and pinky of your right hand together now. [Pause]

  5. Keep focused on those feelings.

  6. Now let your unconscious mind effortlessly take you back to another time or experience where you are having these feelings.

  7. Keep your thumb and pinky together ... [Pause]

  8. Now keep focusing on the feelings, keep your thumb and pinky together, and let your unconscious mind effortlessly take you to the VERY FIRST time or experience where you are having these feelings.

  9. Bring those feelings with you into the present.

  10. Tell yourself that whenever you want to feel those feelings, all you need to do is to put your thumb and pinky of your right hand together and it will be so.

  11. Choose three future situations when having this feeling would be of benefit.

  12. Imagine the outcome you want. See it feel it. Feel great!

Pause about 2 minutes

Self Hypnosis Script for Coming Out

  • Count from one to five, at the count of five you will open your eyes and be fully alert, feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, with a wonderful peaceful feeling inside.

  • One, feel the energy coming into your arms and hands.

  • Two, you are noticing how rejuvenated and refreshed this deeper state of consciousness makes you feel

  • Three, you are becoming aware of the world around you. At the count of five you will be fully alert, rejuvenated and refreshed, with a wonderful peaceful feeling inside.

  • Four, starting to feel awake, alert and alive.

  • Five, eyes open

Self Hypnosis Script for Post-hypnotic Suggestion

  • When wide awake, you are feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, deeply aware of the positive profound changes you have already made.

  • Notice how wonderful you feel.

  • Take a moment to truly appreciate how blessed you are...

  • Feel your love and gratitude for the people that made this delightful moment possible

We hope you will enjoy your stay as you explore some of our other self hypnosis and mind techniques pages!

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